Muhammed Indimi’s Birthday Wonder


When the news of the birthday of billionaire Muhammed Indimi, Chairman, Oriental Energy Resource, broke, not a few concluded that it would be the talk of the town for a long time.

Expectedly, the oil and gas guru did not disappoint his guests, numbering over 100, who joined him on a trip to a Spanish Island, Marabella, to celebrate his 70th birthday. Can you beat that?

The city, which is a resort area on Southern Spain’s Costa del Sol is one of the best tourism and most expensive islands in Spain.

Call it a double celebration and you wouldn’t be wrong. He was said to have also celebrated his beautiful and fashionable daughter, Adama, who turned 29, on the occasion.

The Forbes listed billionaire, famously referred to as ‘Master strategist’, is said to be planning a grand soiree in Nigeria soon.

Blessed with a heart of gold, Indimi is in-law to President Mohammed Buhari and, until recently, in-law to a former President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.