Kunle Soname, Shames Critics 


Kunle Soname, who hails from Ogun State, is an astute businessman.

In all his years of doing business, Soname, who is the first Nigerian to acquire a European club side,  Clube Desportivo Feranto, a Portuguese second division side, has been guided by the principle of honesty and openness.

However, if he is asked to recount an encounter that has challenged his abiding confidence in the Nigerian business environment, he will most probably talk about a period when some undisciplined elements had vainly attempted to drag his name in the mud.

 In other words,  Soname will share with you how some individuals had allegedly wanted to take advantage of the loophole in his BET9JA’s system to claim the sum of N42 million,  which they  never won.

Though he was said to have been dragged before the House of Representatives, the top Lagos politician was able to clear his name and redeem his image.

Today Soname, also the owner of Remo Stars Football Club and Clube Desportivo Ferrante, has providentially surmounted the initial challenges faced in his business to become the envy of many of his competitors.