Wapic Insurance Harps on Savings Culture


Nume Ekeghe

Wapic Insurance Plc has said that its product called ‘Wapic Smart’ would help people achieve their financial goals seamlessly.
In a statement obtained from the firm recently, Wapic said that the product would help to build a sustainable savings culture particularly where it concerns specific financial goals or objectives.
The Managing Director, Wapic Insurance, Mrs. Yinka Adekoya, observed that it was difficult to make progress without a plan and goals.

She said that Nigerians should not view saving as something to be done when there was excess money, but as an activity that is as important as eating food for survival.
According to Adekoya, Wapic Smart products would provide more options to choose from, with the addition of a life insurance cover.
She observed that financial institutions, from banks to insurance companies, were daily clamouring to sell the best savings product, but few attached huge benefits to their offerings.
Adekoya said: “This is why it makes a lot of sense to say that Wapic has done its homework by developing products that are tailored towards specific needs and with enticing benefits to go with them.
“The products basically give one the chance of efficiently amassing reserves, towards meeting commitments, and carrying a life cover. So, this implies that for the period you save, you are covered.”