Elizabeth Foundation Empowers Orphans with Education Scholarship


A non-governmen­tal organisation, Elizabeth Founda­tion has given scholarships to some orphans in Abuja. The foundation also runs ‘Weekly School in IDP Camp’ to educate enterprising Nigerians, especially the youths.

Speaking on the occasion, the Founder of the Foundation, Mrs. Adelani said the Foundation was ready to do everything possible towards assisting orphans to go back to school and also to remain in school.

“This gesture is in line with the Foundation’s undying commitment to ensuring affordability of qualitative education for less-privileged students in institutions and we are always ready to commit hard-earned resources towards achieving this feet,” she said.

“That is why at  Elizabeth Foundation, we have what we call Heroes of Humanity, it is all about inspiring people who are doing the kind of things we do, to let them know that somebody sees you, recognises you. It’s been challenging and we need all the support we can get,” she added.

The Beneficiaries of the education scholarship project felt so opportune and applauded the organisation for such great initiative.