Another Failed Attempt to Malign T.A.Orji  


By Eddie Onuzuruike

The story published on Saturday, July, 1, 2017 in one of the national dailies slumped once again into their usual falsehood on page 53 where they alleged that T. A. Orji was booed at the burial of Dr. Elekwachi Nwogbo.

The only reason for these false publications is that the so called  national daily hardly know the difference between cheering and booing.

To put the facts straight, Senator Orji was hilariously welcomed by many across the burial arena. A few minutes after arrival he was received and urged to make his speech after his predecessor Orji Uzor kalu popularly known as OUK, who in his speech made claims that were not supported by known facts.

He took time to dispel the wrong innuendoes by the former governor who deviated from paying tribute to the dead and turned the opportunity into a self praising exercise, claiming among other things that he paid salaries and did not owe pensions whereas he left a huge debt burden of 35 billion Naira. This can be confirmed from the Abia Ministry of Finance and Accountant General’s office.

It is on record that the first 10 policy decisions of Senator T. A. Orji when sworn in as Governor in may 2007, was to liquidate arrears of salaries and pensions owed civil servants. He put in place an unprecedented promotion of all civil servants to the next salary grade level mostly to assuage the plight of civil servants and exorcise the ghostly shock from the previous government and at the end erected a twin complex for workers housing them presently.

Many sweeping changes were made as time went on including adopting special salary structures of some professional bodies like teachers and health workers.

What OUk said about Abia University were blatant lies. When Senator Orji took up the saddle, Abia University was in a state of rot with low subventions, disaccredited departments like Architecture and Medicine.

Senator T. A. Orji raised the subvention of Abia State University  from 60 million to 100 million and reaccredited more than five departments. He has taken all these in his strides and now busy in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as he was popularly elected to the Senate in 2015, for which he has a lot to show.

There were notable people in the place who can debunk the lies of the national daily, including former Senate President, Senator Adolphus Wabara, the Rotary International, the irrepressible Assemblies of God Mission and University of Ibadan Alumni Association who have been proud of the leadership of one of their kind.

On the traditional scale, when a kinsman dies, a solemn customary approach comes into play abhorring quarrels and fights.

Come to think of it, is it the Ikwuano, Umuahia people, the array of Ndi Eze, which Senator Orji improved their status or highly respectful Rotary International group and the University Alumni, his own University that will boo Senator Orji?

If the publishers ever think, why is it that such despicable news is only reported only by the said national daily and a sister publication in a midst of journalists and media houses? Lies and damn lies from this stable. They should note that there is a limit to media rascality!

.Onuzuruike, Media Aide to Senator T.A.Orji wrote from Abuja