Bovi, Man on Fire



By Azuka Ogujiuba

The Bovi Man on Fire show has gone but we are still reeling from the laughter of that night. Our ribs hurt because we laughed so hard, every joke was on point.

The comedy show was held on May 5, at the Eko Convention centre. The dimly lit hall was packed full with an audience, ready to laugh out loud. It was well organised and by Flytime Entertainment, the organisers of the year’s Rhythm Unplugged’ musical concert.

Before the man of the night took to the stage to crack up his audience, there were performances from Brother Wasiu, Omini the great and other comedians. S.O.P records and others upcoming musicians also thrilled the audience with their musical performances.

Basket Mouth took to the stage to tease the audience a bit on what they should expect from Bovi before introducing Richard Mofe Damijo to the stage to give a tribute to Bovi.

Bovi’s performance was indeed one to remember for a while. For over an hour, he did a good job holding the audience’s attention and making the night a memorable one.

After the comedy show, story making the rounds was that Bovi was paid N20m by Cecil Hammond of Flytime Promotions, the organisers of the show. We are sure that Forbes will be adding another name to their lists, Kudos to Bovi.

Lagos Welcomes Professor Anthea Garman, of Rhodes University, South Africa

Come July 6 at the MUSON centre in Lagos will welcome Professor Anthea Garman of Rhodes University, South Africa.

Garman is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, where she teaches journalism.

She runs a research group studying media and citizenship in South Africa, edits the Rhodes Journalism Review ( and teaches long-form journalism to post-graduates.

Her book on one of South Africa’s most controversial non-fiction writers has just been published: Antjie Krog and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere: Speaking Poetry to Power (UKZN Press).

She will be bringing a fresh dynamism to a conversation in this year’s conference themed; ‘Pioneers, Innovators and the Brave New World’ as well as other seasoned speakers and panelists whose details will be shared in the coming weeks leading to the conference.

Bad Market: By Women’s Film Club

Women’s Film Club proudly presents the first screening of the quarter featuring a contemporary Nigerian film; Bad Market directed by Paul Gaius, at the Ford Foundation.

Bad Market is a short film about a 14-year-old runaway girl, Eno, who was trafficked to the big city of Lagos by Chike, a ruthless pimp and con artist who intends to profit from her seeming innocence. Each one has to devise a plan to escape life’s harsh realities in a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

The film screening will feature a question and answer session with the director with the aim of promoting culture, spreading knowledge through insight and sparking new conversations about pressing social issues relating to women.

About Women’s Film Club

The Women’s Film Club is a platform that aims at making independent cinema accessible to the Nigerian public.

Through a curated programme of film screenings, forums and related events, Club explores the role of women in film to an African and global audience.

TWFC organises regular screenings of independent films in Lagos not otherwise shown in mainstream cinemas – including special projects like festivals and art exhibitions.