Adaa Unleashes ‘Itoro’


Following the success of her last single, ‘Do Me Like This’, singer and song writer, Veronik Adaa is heating the entertainment scene up as she has just released her third single entitled Itoro. “I am so excited. The response has been awesome! It is an inspirational song and the message is that no matter how bad it is, if you are hardworking, you can still make a good life in your country. “In Paris, I see a lot of stranded Nigerians in Sambro, a lot of girls standing along the streets and waiting for men to pick them up. I see a lot of blacks suffering. And I feel that instead I staying here and suffering, I would rather go back to my country and live well. So, ‘Itoro’ is saying that you can have a good life in your country.

Even if you are from a poor background, you can still be something. So the song is a kind of encouragement for all those who are down.” Among others, the fast rising singer who returned to Nigeria a while ago, is currently working on an EP project to showcase the cultural diversity of her music and dynamic rhythm. Born April 2 in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital into the family of the Cyprians’ Adaa is the oldest of her siblings. From her childhood days she has always nursed the dream to become a widely recognised artiste in pop culture, Adaa’s interest in music began at the tender age of five in church.

This passion for music carried her through as she started writing her own songs at the age of 18, the same time she started singing in pubs, as well at several live acoustic performances.