Rosabon Offers Fleet Services to Corporate Organisations


Solomon Elusoji

In an attempt to help companies optimise fleet acquisition and management, Rosabon Financial Services has begun to offer “top notch and affordable lease and fleet management services”, according to a statement from the company.

According to recent statistics, companies in Nigeria, on the average, spend a minimum of N1.7 billion annually on fleet management and other corporate lease solutions and Rosabon is aiming to help companies cut spending on their logistics by partnering with corporate organisations.

“This relieves you of daily administrative headaches and costs, whilst leaving you with enough funds to reinvest into your company and grow your core business,” Rosabon’s Head of Communications, Kehinde Ruth Onasoga, said.

She said: “For over 23 years, Rosabon has successfully worked with reputable organisations like Huawei, Exxon Mobil, Ericsson, Transocean Sedco Forex, Oando Plc, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc in this regard by leveraging current systems and infrastructure to manage their fleet day-in and day-out.

“No matter the size of your fleet (20 or 2000); our team of dedicated experts is ready to work with you on the development, implementation and maintenance of an effective fleet management program that will achieve your organization’s financial and operational goals. We make acquisition of these cars on behalf of our customers. No matter the fleet size nationwide.”

She explained that Rosabon takes care of all acquisition and maintenance processes and expenses, including: drivers, paperwork, record keeping, fuel management, license renewals, trackers, insurance, “getting the whole fleet for your business use, while your organisation pays an affordable amount monthly.”

She added that the most interesting part of this partnership is that, “Rosabon Financial Services, in addition, assumes all residual risks that come with running your fleet. This means that at the end of the tenor, we can either dispose of the assets or the client can buy them off.

“This helps to release our clients from the largest single source of uncertainty in operating the fleet – the issue of depreciating vehicle assets from your businesses.”

According to a statement, “like every standard operating lease, Rosabon helps clients secure a contract that allows for the use of an asset, but does not convey rights of ownership of the asset. We provide a unique opportunity for an operating lease which represents an off-balance sheet financing of assets, where a leased asset and associated liabilities of future rent payments are not included on the balance sheet of a company.

“With this arrangement, there is no gainsaying that not having to spend a lot of money up front on fleet acquisition and management helps businesses manage their cash flow more effectively and expand speedily.

“Our operating lease packages are usually custom made to suit organization’s fleet needs and budget in a cost-effective manner by taking the stress of fleet management off them. This way, Organisations can focus on their core business and increase productivity and profitability.

“At Rosabon, we offer more than an affordable monthly rental, our support team follows through every step of the way. We also pride ourselves on offering lease solutions that help you maximize cost and increase efficiency throughout the lease cycle.”

The requirements for exploring this opportunity involves the prospective company sending in its profile, two Current Bank Account Statements, two Passport Photographs, Utility Bill, Letter of Intent and a Proforma Invoice.