GKS President Decries Economic Hardship


The President of God’s Kingdom Society, (GKS), the Church of the Living God  Brother Godwin Ifeacho, has decried the rising economic and political problems facing Nigeria and stressed the need for the people to turn to God wholeheartedly for the amelioration of the hard conditions in the country.

Addressing delegates from within and outside Nigeria at the opening of the 41st conference of lay members of the church held in Salem City, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, the GKS president regretted the economic recession and the consequent hardship it inflicted on Nigerians, the rising cases of ritual murder, resurgence of  kidnapping for ransom, armed robbery,  the menace  of herdsmen and insurgents in some parts of the country and the rising cases of suicides across the land.

He pointed out that since God Almighty created people on earth to do His will, they could only enjoy peace when they give themselves to doing only those things that are in line with the duty for which they had been created.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Doing that which is our duty to do in the Lord.’

While addressing the youths fellowship of the church, who also held their national conferences at the weekend, Ifeacho pointed out that  though difficulties and administrative bottlenecks would occur from time to time due to imperfection, God Almighty would continue to help those who are steadfast in holding on to the truth and in doing His righteousness. There is therefore need for the faithful to “Awake to righteousness” so as to gain His favour.

“Spiritually speaking, those who lack knowledge and faith in God, are inactive or unfruitful in the work of God; those who do not know the signs of the times but give themselves to carnality, the works of the flesh, idolatry and superstition, need to be warned to wake up from their slumber, lest they be destroyed along with the wicked,” he declared.

Addressing the women folk, the GKS president stated that the work of childbearing and nurturing should not be looked down upon “because they constitute segments of the work of God, which when carried out faithfully, will bring about stability and orderliness in the church and the larger society and make people to give glory to God besides leading one to salvation by His grace.”

He commended faithful female Christians for supporting the work of evangelism financially and otherwise in addition to this “arduous task of child bearing and nurturing.”

During the two days of deliberations at the conferences, delegates were briefed about on-going projects at Ighosa (Benin City), Bonny, (Rivers State) Ekwuoma, Agwa and Okigwe (Imo State), Ubulu Uku, Umunede and Okpare-Olomu (Delta State), a completed Sub Bethel home in Lagos Island and a place of worship in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, among other places.

The lay members’ conferences hold once every year at the GKS headquarters, Salem City, Warri.