Abdulsamad Rabiu, Chairman/CEO of BUA Group

Discord may tarry for a while but it oft vanishes in the blistering blaze of comradeship.

This explains the recent truce between Abdulsamad Rabiu, founder of BUA Group, and Aliko Dangote, the founder and CEO of Dangote Group. Until recently, the duo were embroiled in bitter rivalry and conflict of interests that tore them apart. They became so estranged that it became taboo for their mutual friends to attempt reconciliation between them. But in a rare twist, the warring friends have decided to bury the hatchet and give peace a chance.

Thus not a few people were surprised to see Rabiu at Dangote’s 60th birthday party. The party which was organized by Femi Otedola in honour of Dangote, last Sunday, attracted the creme of Nigeria’s high society. As the party progressed, Samad strolled in with one of his friends to the delight of Dangote and their mutual friends. The two billionaires have been having issues for several months now. Many people were initially shocked by tales of rancor and estrangement of the duo because their friendship was well celebrated while it lasted.

However, they have since resolved their differences. Rabiu left everything he was doing to honour Dangote and a lot of people were very happy to see him at the party. Dangote and Rabiu took pictures together and talked for few minutes before the latter left the party. The duo have indeed come a long way. Theirs was a relationship seemingly made in heaven and consummated here in Nigeria.