Nigerian Don Receives U.S. Award on Security


An Assistant Professor, Media, Peace and National Security, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Dr. Ada Peter, was recently recognised by the U.S. Department of State as SUSI scholar on U.S. National Security and Policy making. The Study of the United States Institutions (SUSI) on Security and Foreign Policymaking is a globally-recognised prestigious and extremely competitive award from the U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C.  More than 18 countries apply for the award through the U.S. embassies in their respective countries.

National Security and Foreign Policy SUSI Scholars are security experts that: explore the continuities and changes that occur in national security policymaking between presidencies, identify and locate the United States in the global arena and the predominate views of the world held by various American vantage points.

Peter, a graduate of Covenant University, Nigeria’s leading private university has received several regional and international fellowship awards on her research. She explores the processes of terrorism, violent extremism and conflicts to help governments curb terrorist acts and violent extremisms and conflicts in her region. As a lead researcher of investigations on online communication and social change in developing nations, her research covers an array of topics, including civil wars, terrorism, insurgencies, cyber terrorism, cyber resilience, and security by other means.

Speaking with journalists on her arrival from United States of America where she went to receive the award, Peter said it may be necessary for local, state and federal governments in Nigeria to build consensus for reconciliation between Christians and Muslims; and consensus against intolerance at local, state or national levels to deal with religious conflicts and terrorism.

On Boko Haram, she said with the current administration important symbolic gains against the sect, Boko Haram remains a tough but not an insurmountable paramilitary force in Nigeria. She also advised the Trump administration to continue to build up the defense and military capacity of security agencies in Nigeria, Cameroun, Chad and Niger.

“For instance, it may be necessary for the Trump administration to continue to provide cutting edge counter-IED support; intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance assessment teams and advisors to support the military agencies in the region at both the tactical and operational levels.”