Protesters Besiege Amnesty International’s Office, Give It 24 Hours  to Leave Nigeria


Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja
Protesters under the umbrella of  Global Peace and Rescue Initiative (GOPRI) yesterday besieged the office of Amnesty International (AI) in Abuja, where it demanded that  the international rights group should vacate the country  within 24 hours.

 Speaking during the protest, the Executive Director of the group, Melvin Ejeh,  said  the deliberate attempt by AI to indict the security agencies working day and night to restore peace in the North-eastern part of the country without condemning the heinous  crimes committed by Boko Haram terrorists proved that the AI has ulterior motives.

The group warned that if in the next 24 hours AI does not shut down its operations in Nigeria and leave the country  the group as well as other Nigerians would begin a ‘five-day occupy Amnesty International protest’ as a warning shot.
Ejeh noted that well respected organisations including the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Global Amnesty Watch have condemned the recent report by AI which alleged human rights abuses by Nigerian security agencies.

According to him, “let us warn at this point that there will be no interval of respite if AI fails to leave Nigeria at the end of the five days as we will activate other more profound options to make the organisation leave Nigeria.  We therefore use this opportunity to call on Nigerians to join the movement to get this evil out of our land before it plunges us into real war.”

Continuing, he stated that “previous calls by concerned groups for the government to kick Al out of Nigeria for the safety of citizens have gone unheeded. Unfortunately, if this organisation is allowed to continue carrying out its atrocities here, it will destabilise Nigeria.

“Unlike our leaders, most of us do not have the resources to relocate our loved ones to other lands if Al succeeds in ruining this nation. Like the victims of AI’s operation in the Middle-East, we would be left without a country and we would not be welcomed in other nations. We will become mere footnotes in its next annual report since it stops showing interest in places it has successfully destroyed,” Ejeh added.

He said though the Nigerian authorities might not be unaware of the evil machinations of this organisation it may have opted to treat it diplomatic considerations.
“This in our consideration is not the right approach to dealing with this demonic entity. Its evil contaminates any country it chooses to work against. Its destructive touch leave countries in failed state,” Ejeh stressed.

  • Elle4change

    This group of noisemakers are just sponsored, irrelevant charlatans looking for recognition! Some members of our security forces are just as evil and animalistic as those they are supposedly protecting us from. Let us call a spade a spade, Nigerians don’t have shame o, nawah!!!

  • remm ieet

    If you have to chase AI out of Nigeria, what legitimacy do other international peace initiatives have to remain behind? They all serve the same purpose of preventing global catastrophes. Amnesty International would have been completely irrelevant had they not spotted a lacuna in our system.
    So, it makes no sense for one NGO to be up in arms against another one. Until poverty and insecurity are comprehensively defeated, these agencies will always have work to do.
    I have never heard of GOPRI by the way.


    Global Peace and Rescue Initiative (GOPRI. I wonder where you people reared your ugly heads from. So because our security agencies are fighting to rid our country of the menace of terrorists they should do so in a manner more barbaric than the evil they are fighting? Or they should not be held accountable for any atrocities committed in the line of duty? If you are not being sponsored by some government backed individuals then you government should arrest you all for threatening the peace of the nation. Who gave you the authority to give an organisation legitimately staying in the country an ultimatum to leave? Are you an NGO or militants masquerading as an NGO?

  • Daniel Obior

    This is what Amnesty International does all over the world; keep governments and groups on their toes to ensure atrocities are curbed, as much as possible. These busy bodies protesting should go to the National assembly instead, and occupy the place indefinitely, until those corrupt politicians reduce their pay and allowances to the level consistent with public service.

  • Peter Elofusim

    jobless folks who get stipends by being hired to treat embark on such foolish escapade