The Rise of Truth

THIS REPUBLIC By Shaka Momodu, Email: SMS: 0811 266 1654

Fellow Nigerians, where do I start from? How do I even begin to quilt together the unfolding events and drama in this APC-led government for posterity? Things are happening at such dizzying speed that I can hardly keep pace. The fierce battle between the truth and falsehood appears to be coming to a decided end. For a while, the massive web of lies and half-truths seemed to prevail but as it’s usually the case, anything built on a lie never really lasts long.

As it now appears all too obvious to some of the ardent supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari, the final chapter of lies is about to be written about a government whose tenure began on a magical note but is ending in tragedy: poverty, inflation and unemployment levels have all reached all-time highs. Poverty and disease have become a never-ending cycle.

I am amused to say the least, at how events have turned full circle in such a short span of time; Nigerians are witnessing grim echoes of the 1980s with 21st century lenses. Though a few pretenders are still holding out on lies, while others are living in the delusional spasm of hope that this directionless government will get its acts together, it is striking that the support base of the president has been eroded so badly in less than two years in office that you would think he has done a decade steering the ship of state.

Despite the fact that they continue to peddle alternative facts that are as useless as Monopoly money, the truth remains the government cannot give what it doesn’t have. Some of us saw through the elaborate charade called “change” by mindless scammers masquerading as reformers, and warned Nigerians to look beneath the veil that carefully masked the danger to the Nigerian project that Buhari represents, but many wouldn’t listen.

From the very first intervention I made to challenge the attempt to wish away Buhari’s unsuitability for president, titled, ‘Buhari: When Facts Become Contrived’ published December 20, 2014 till date, I have maintained my position that Buhari is part of Nigeria’s problems and that what the country needed was a complete break from people like him to usher in a new beginning for Project Nigeria to move forward.
Anyone reading various analyses of Nigeria’s situation in the foreign media in the last couple of weeks would be amazed at how fast the honeymoon the foreign media had with Buhari has come full circle. Remember he rode to power on the back of powerful endorsements and support from great institutions like The Economist, Financial Times (FT), etc. Well, they have all now turned against him.

Here is an excerpt from a recent article in FT titled, Nigeria’s President is Missing in Action: “There is an irony that Mr Buhari, a retired major-general, is missing in action. He ran the country as a military ruler in the mid-1980s after seizing power in a coup. In civilian guise, his leadership style has verged on the invisible. After winning power in 2015 on the fourth attempt at the ballot box, he set out at a pace that has marked his presidency: it took him six months to name a cabinet. Hopes that he had surrounded himself with a lean team of capable technocrats empowered to get policy cranking have come to naught. Policy making — such that it is — has been crafted instead by a tiny cabal of loyal, less qualified, stalwarts. Mr Buhari has failed to articulate anything approaching a vision.”

When Buhari was still in London, The Economist on its part wrote an editorial titled, ‘Who’s running Nigeria?’ Here are excerpts: “It is the troubled economy, though, that looms largest now in Africa’s most populous country. Mr Buhari was inaugurated soon after the collapse of global oil prices. But instead of accepting reality (exports and government revenues are dominated by the black stuff), he reverted to policies he implemented when last in power in the 1980s, namely propping up the currency. This has led to shortages of foreign exchange, squeezing imports. ….. If Mr Buhari remains in London much longer, his absence could provide a window for Nigeria’s technocratic vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo to push through a proper devaluation. Mr Osinbajo, currently in charge, has proved an energetic antidote to his ponderous boss, visiting the Delta for peace talks and announcing measures intended to boost Nigeria’s position in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings, in which it currently ranks a lowly 169 out of 190.”

Suddenly, Buhari’s absence provided a window for proper policy implementation? In other words, the foreign media was now acknowledging that Buhari is part of the problem of the Nigerian economy? When you juxtapose all that with the hyperbolic accolades showered on him in endorsements and the magical powers ascribed to him in the run-up to the 2015 presidential election, then you would realise how much this government’s support base has been eroded.
I am however unimpressed with these great institutions for choosing to substitute historical facts and actualities with alternative facts packaged by brand experts – just to “sell” a candidate in the run-up to the elections.

Similarly, many supporters who saw Buhari as a messiah whom the gods had said would come, are now saying he should have stayed back in London for the remainder of his term so that the country can make progress. They point to the sudden drop in tension across the country during his absence, the inclusive approach of the then acting president as evidence that Buhari’s governance model was largely the problem. His infamous 97 per cent and 5 per cent division of the country, his attitude of “us” versus “them”, using the apparatus of state in his war of attrition against perceived opponents and his flawed sense of equity and justice – that of one nation, two moralities – exemplified by his exculpation of the SGF Babachir Lawal – have helped fuel needless divisions all over the country and created unnecessary tensions in the land.

Recently, I have been having a good laugh at the supporters of Buhari’s change; people who invested time, money and energy. Surprisingly, a few are still clinging on to a tiny strand of hope that things would change for the better under him. The fervour of their support was so powerful that they were ready to burn down the country and lynch anyone who cautioned their optimism about their most improbable candidate of “change”.

It is also tempting to laugh at the many intellectuals who staked their prodigious reputations earned in a lifetime to endorse and bring back to power, one of the least qualified persons to rule modern Nigeria, 30 years after he was first kicked out of office. I mean a constellation of men of timber and calibre, with a rich repository of history, renowned worldwide for their intellectual abilities. How could they not have seen the red flags that were so visible? Perhaps, they saw them but chose to be willfully blinded.

Sentimental considerations and fake news, amplified by a conniving media, rather than the rigour of interrogation and objective appraisal of the evidence – suddenly became the gospel truth. They are complicit in Nigeria’s Hobbesian situation today where life is brutish, nasty and short. A once thriving country has been reduced to a tragic wasteland for businesses and the security of lives and properties is now a tall preposition.

As regards Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, one cannot help but laugh like a drain at him. The Jagaban is the architect and godfather of Buhari’s change; we hear he is tired of being a kingmaker or more appropriately, he is tired of being left out in the cold and now wants to be the king. He was reported to be preparing to contest to become the president of Nigeria less than two years after foisting the present disaster on the country. He has denied the report quite alright, but there is no smoke without fire. Mark my word, Tinubu will contest. It is usually the ways of politicians, to first deny their plans, and then come out later to say they were pressured by friends and political constituents to make the pitch.

But what could be so forcefully definitive that Tinubu knows that we don’t know as to even give the hint he could run when some ridiculous clowns and regime apologists like Rochas Okorocha and the grass-cutting Babachir Lawal are already campaigning for Buhari in 2019?

This same man who hypnotised Nigerians with sweet nothings and led them to commit collective suicide in the name of change is at his cunning best once again. It is a shame that he wants to now turn round to ask for our votes to become the president. What lies would he campaign on this time? His experiment has landed Nigeria in recession and massive economic “compression”, first in 25 years. It would be interesting to hear him campaign. Wait a moment – will he continue to blame the last administration in his soon-to-be-launched presidential campaign for the country’s misery, or will he have the nerve to blame Buhari for making a bad situation worse several times more like Charles Soludo has pointed out? Time will tell.

First, in March 2016, Tinubu, the Jagaban Borgu of Borgu, the aggrieved self-acclaimed National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) wrote a long and strongly-worded epistle, tearing into Dr Ibe Kachukwu, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and then Group Managing Director of the NNPC for saying he was not a magician who could end fuel scarcity overnight. Tinubu latched on that innocuous statement to launch an all-out assault on the minister who was just a convenient punching bag for Jagaban to vent his frustrations. Of course only the undiscerning would not have known that Tinubu’s missiles were intended for the big, taciturn and aloof masquerade. Poor Kachukwu! He had to lick his wounds in silence.

Despite his best efforts to rebuild his political reach, Tinubu was outsmarted in Ondo. Sensing that the leadership of the party was not ready to yield to his demand for a repeat of the primary, he sent an explosive love letter to his party chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, accusing him of egregious crimes such as corruption – that he insisted the party chair must resign his position. He was peeved about the outcome of the Ondo State governorship primary which his preferred candidate lost. Tinubu’s call was not so much about what Oyegun did or did not do but perhaps much more about a sense of entitlement of what he is getting or not getting in the party he helped to midwife. That sense of personal loss and the pain of his loss of influence to direct or dictate the direction of governance were at the root Tinubu’s angst.

Again, some of us saw through his attempt to distance himself from this failing government when speaking recently at the National Defence College in Abuja with the theme, ‘Strategic Leadership: My Political Experience.’ Tinubu took a swipe at the president’s monetary policy, arguing that as a strategic partner in the formation of the government, it is incumbent on the leaders to “speak truth to power”. Speak truth to power? Interesting! What do I see here? Well, I see a man creating an alibi when tomorrow comes.

Not done, he warned that a lack of true fiscal federalism poses great danger to the country, adding that “unjust allocation of resources makes a fertile ground for extremism”.

It should be remembered that this was a major campaign plank by the APC only to jettison it after winning power. Is it going to form a campaign plank for Jagaban when he finally makes a pitch for the office of the president? Hmm, the political situation is very fluid. However, there is a saying in the land of my fathers: “A man who treads the shadows of his ancestors, learns to walk like them.” Stay tuned.

  • Gonzaga

    I have sorely missed you Shaka, welcome back!

    In retrospect, I think it was a blessing that this band of liars masquerading as a political party got to power. Otherwise, some people will still be saying that had we elected them, bla,bla, bla…

    They have been exposed for you and what they represents. Their plan was never to win that election. They were more prepared for a parallel government. The victory has become their greatest albatross.

    They are now writing letters to complain. I just finished reading the letter el-Rufai wrote to Buhari. A stinker I must say. The letter enumerated their failure and fallen public perception and support.

    Mark my words, all those who helped in foisting this charade on us will be visited by one form of affliction or the other. Political or otherwise. This I know for sure.

    • Obi Ike Sorres

      Yes O. Amen to that

    • okbaba

      please a link to el-Rufai’s letter?

    • Tony Oshea

      Zaga,here was my response to The impish El Rufai’s letter!” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” .Perhaps El Rufai has never encountered this adage. The admonition is apt,but the audience is distracted by his own fiddling and fumbling with his islamization agenda,which has been his ideology right from inception of his political career. Again “you can’t give what you don’t have” is a common saying that perfectly fits this situation. Those who expect Bubu to perform any better are living in a state of delusional Utopia.His background-educational,sociopolitical and economic-never prepared him for the civil assignment of negotiating, political maneuvering,wheeling and dealing which is a Hallmark of politics.He lacks the political dexterity of our ” maradona”, the oratorical skills of Dr Azikiwe,the mien and composure of Shagari,the knowledge of Umar Yar Adua. His is more comfortable with the command structure,and his style is brute force and coercion, and one needs no clairvoyance to establish the trajectory of his ” regime”.

  • Jon West

    ” A man who treads the shadows of his ancestors, learns to walk like them”. Apt. Men repeat history and then blame history for repeating itself. When will the descendants of a certain treacherous ethnic General of 19th century Nigerian history, learn from their checkered history of constant betrayal? When will some people listen to their minstrel son and RONU? The answer is blowing in the wind.
    Welcome back Shaka. We sorely missed you, especially since it appeared you were replaced with the presentation of the journalistic genre that delivered the Certificateless Dullard From Daura to the Villa, thereby signaling the last days of Nigeria.
    To hell with Nigeria!!

  • remm ieet

    Two major mistakes Buhari made on his way to Aso Rock. He had no economic plan, apart from reliance on Niger Delta oil. He could have come up with new ideas. For crying out loud, this is the twentieth century! Secondly he immediately surrounded himself with Mullahs in Aso Rock, in addition to excessive reliance on Nothern appointments. This is not good for a modern president.
    Buhari has not helped the situation by not communicating his ideas. Nobody will take him seriously if he continues to keep mute.
    I believe he has a trick in his bag, because I still don’t believe it is possible to be a president without philosophy and without ideas

    • Jon West

      He has a trick in his bag? Because you still dont believe it is possible to be a President without philosophy and without ideas? Really? Where have you been residing , my dear person. On planet Jupiter?
      That he has no tricks, ideas and philosophies in his bag or head is obvious to the whole world. You cannot give what you do not have. The man is a relic of Nigeria’s political, social and economic antiquity. When the history of the last days of Nigeria is written, those who brought out this Neanderthal man to preside over the end of Nigeria will be prominent in the pantheon of Africa’s villians and enemies of the African Rennaissance.
      To hell with Nigeria!!

    • ‘ned

      Is this the 20th Century? Me thinks that this is the 21st Century. I need not ask what century though inhabits.

      • remm ieet

        It is unfair for anyone to keep on adopting the methods of 20th Century to govern in the 21st Century.
        It will not work.

    • ‘ned

      Do not cry out loud lest people of this age discover you are from an age or era gone by. Just make the time machine available.

  • Curious One

    Welcome back Mr Momodu. We must thank God that Buhari won…that Jagban won…now other Nigerians can see what we saw…THAT JONATHAN LOST…now Nigerians can do a comparison

  • Pete

    “A man who treads the shadows of his ancestors, learns to walk like them.” This line summarises everything you have written here, it’s the best summary of Tinubu the politician, nothing else matters. Thank you very much for these beautiful line from the land of your fathers.

  • Leo Ben

    Thank you Shaka Momodu, you have become the ray of hope . You give energy and vibe to the backpage. While others are sleeping and pretending that all is well, your commentary is always different, bold, and audacious with good prose. On many occasions, I give up trying to read other commentators here. You hold me and many others spellbound with your the power of truth you tell to power. Thanks for holding Tinubu to some sort of account here. I particularly like the words of wisdom from the land of your fathers. “A man who treads in the shadows of
    his ancestors, learns to walk like them.”

  • Sarah

    Re Tinubu. He is almost as frail as Buhari and quite likely to saddle us with another ill President saga.
    A possible way forward is for Buhari to gradually transfer Presidential powers to VP Osinbajo. Local and foreign observers alike noted a more urgent pace in governance and outpouring of goodwill during Osinbajo’s recent stint as Ag. President.
    Buhari should empower Osinbajo to secure a legacy for himself. The kitchen cabinet or cabal would have to go. For the avoidance of all doubt, the Buhari we have now is more frail than the one that left us early January. Even that pre-January Buhari could not cope with the mild stress of being briefed directly by cabinet ministers (El-Rufai’s recently leaked memo).

  • KWOY

    “Sentimental considerations and fake news, amplified by a conniving
    media….” PURE & SIMPLE.

    1.Jonathan played into the hands of a desperado who capitalized on marginalization to mobilize the press for his political ambition, a ground for which he had started laying long ago:
    (i) Starting from 2012, he developed DAWN as a platform for SW mobilization.
    (ii) When his VP ambition collapsed he picked Osinbajo as someone more malleable, who, when the future warrants, will step down for him
    (ii) Inspite of Buhari caging & marginalizing him, he swallowed it all with the hope..
    (iv) Upon his confirmation that Buhari has become incapacitated & become ineligible (at least for 2019), he reconciled with his enemies in his SW constituency & re-awoke the idea of DAWN as a tool for mobilizing the SW constituency
    (v) & now, he will be up against northern candidates who have started invading the SE: the likes of Atiku with 25,000 youth support march, Ribadu’s convocation lecture’s, & I don’t-know-for-whom’s (non-existent) Ohneze student Unions advocy
    2. In all cases, his ambition is stillborn: bcos neither Buhari nor the north as a whole allow him!

  • Netanyahu

    Thank you Shaka. How did it take you this long? Anyway, it’s nice and refreshing reading from you once again. Tinubu must be the lousiest dreamer in Ngeria to think he can become president in this country after foisting a relic on Nigerians. Like someone rightly pointed out, I am not sure he is even fitter than buhari, I mean health wise. As for buhari, people dishonestly expected so much from a near illiterate. This was a man from 1985 he was booted out of office never attended any seminar, never presented any lecture on about anything. All he did for this long period (30 years) was recite his quran and champion sharia. That was the messiah people like Soyinka and co endorsed to be their president in 2015. They have all gone dumb and will remain dumb until providence or death removes the man for them. It was a very wicked calculation by the SW orchestrated by Tinubu and Obasanjo. Now it has backfired. All buhari was suited for in 1999 was chairman of efcc where brain is not needed to function.

  • Powell Tallen

    Shaka Momodu, you are the only living voice of the masses, downtrodden and the only conscience to ThisDay. The rest are all useless and empty morons and dogs looking for crumbs from the table of the murderer and islamic terrorist called buhari. segun adeniyi, the clown called dele and the uneducated pig called simon kolawole are still praising their messiah buhari. Shaka where did you school? Please can you give some tips of your oratary prowess to the uneducated segun adeniyi, dele momodu and simon kolawole? They don’t know how to write despite the fact that they are your seniours by age? Weldone Shaka, very smart, intelligent and eloquent. I am sure they are jealous of ypur talents, plaese be careful, they may posison you to die. I learned simon kolawole and segun adeniyi are always going to babalawo for juju so that buhari will appoint them spokesmen, so be careful with these two monsters.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Powell,

      You are very hilarious! Why would Simon and Segun want to poison our Shaka? I think you are taking it too far; these guys (except Dele) are all good analytical writers, Shaka just happens to be in a class of his own.

      • Powell Tallen

        Hi Don,
        It may sound hilarious, but I had it on good authority how desperate especially simon kolawole is to grab any position in this government. It got to a point that his wife is worried because one night when they were sleeping, he jumped up and started shouting that”Thank God, I am now the spokesman to buhari!” His wife was worried and had to call neighbours to calm him down. Such a desperate man can do anything! You can read his desperation in all his writings.

        • Don Franco

          Simon is not gonna get a Spokesman position in the tail end of PMB’s one-term presidency; and he’d have to compete with the obsequious Dele Momodu for that position in case Osinbajo is sworn in.
          Bottom line; Simon will have to wait until he’s Reuben Abati’s age to become Rocha Okorocha’s spokesman in 2029…. LOL

  • Don Franco

    Dear Shaka,

    It is good to have you back! That Tinubu is now claiming credit for installing Osinbajo as VP; and that he will run for the presidency is a foregone conclusion, that Tinubu may make it past the primaries of the APC is certain; and that the resultant war of attrition and fall out from his loss may put the PDP back in power, in 2019, is a not-too-distant possibility.
    The Jagaban is not a good man; but he is very politically talented, by fire, by force, or by death (a la Funso Williams), or good fortune in choosing, Fashola, Ambode, Oni of Ife; and Osinbajo as VP, he’s managed to keep himself relevant. Methinks that he and Atiku are the only two politicians that have the financial wherewithal to run a presidential campaign without recourse to fundraising from the APC; all the other noisemakers will fall by the wayside for lack of funds. When the chips are down, majority of the SW will go with him, like they have in the past.
    Bola Tinubu is treading the shadows of MKO Abiola, maybe he will end up “walking” like him, is my opinion.

    • Tony Oshea

      Not MKO! I think he is treading the path of the progenitor of tribal politics.Dr Azikiwe became the first indigenous ‘Governor general’ at independence,ahead of his perenial competitor,later defeated him at the 1963 elections to become Nigeria’s first president. Thereafter envy and hatred spurred this competitor to plot a coup. He ended in jail and when released in 1967 he connived with northerners against Dr Azikiwe’s people for a mere promise of Nigeria’s presidency. Eventually the north played “419” on him and tagged him “best presido Nigeria never had”. Any useful lessons learnt therefrom was regurgitated and replayed by 1993, when a SW moslem assumed erroneously that his religious inclination and title automatically guaranteed him equal status with northerners and entitlement to Nigeria’s presidency. Wrong permutation again!!! As 2019 approaches ” history is about to repeat itself”. In an attempt to betray GEJ-a SS president-they altimately lost the support and sympathy of the people of SS,and their treacherous nature is gradually denying them the confidence and trust of the core north. The election in Ondo state and Rabiu Kwankwaso’s tirade recently in Osun state,bordering on escalated tribal conflagration-speaks volume about the North’s agenda for SW come 2019.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Tony Oshea,
        It is incontrovertible that Buhari and Osinbajo both owe their positions as President and VP to the political calculus of Bola Tinubu, and they both know it. The import of that is that had he not supported the former, nor nominated the later, the APC wouldn’t be in power today; l dare say that this particular “treading” in the shadow of his ancestors will lead to his “walking” like them come 2019.
        Do you imagine for a second that the SW will vote for Buhari in 2019 if he doesn’t position Osinbajo; or that Osinbajo will actually run against Tinubu in a primary election? With what money will Osinbajo run his election? Tinubu knows what he’s doing, and the only thing certain in 2019 is that Buhari will not run and Tinubu has the four aces.

        • Tony Oshea

          Don,I sincerely hope you are right,because apparently Buhari “holds the knife and the yam”, if I may borrow an Igbo proverb. He has access to huge financial resources and coercive apparatuses/institutions, which can be deployed to maximum effect against uncle BT. Uncle BT is a good man and his only leeway,for now is tilt his political goodwill towards Atiku,being a match for Buhari,and capable of swaying political opinions.

        • Be Sincere

          Tinubu does not have an ace, talk less of four aces with respect to 2019. The winning party is the party with the president from the north, the VP from SE and assured support base from the SS. The north is not likely to need the support of the SW in 2019. Watch out for a 1999 scenario! The SW is likely to be in a disarray politically in 2019. Those that won election for APC are Saraki, Amaechi, Nyako, Tambuwal i.e the five PDP govs that defected to APC. Not Tinubu, not SW. The northern political establishment knows this.

          • Don Franco

            Dear BeSincere,
            Is it your position then that Adamawa, Sokoto, Kwara and Rivers were responsible for the APC victory in 2015? These are the States that the individuals your named hail from….. Let’s wait and see what happens in 2019.

  • Daniel

    Shaka is fearless and intelligent.

    We can see the confusion in the government.

    No more to add…

  • Bukola Ajisola

    Shaka Momodu has said nothing tangential to his tiresome complaint monologue feeding the insensate hate gastric tube of hate protagonists preponderating the social media platform.Lenghty write up without any prognostication on solution is all hugwash,a piece of disposable rodomotade meant to fire invideousness to the zenith of malignancy.
    Can Shaka take the narrative away from Buhari and come up with a creative template as a seasoned writer trained in the art of investigative,creative and contemplative writing?On such thresholds Simon Kolawole is unarguably more sagacious and professional.
    Secondly I insist that one and a half years are not enough for Nigerians to abandone optimism and embrace despondency in the same degree Shaka is so consumed by it.The next one and half years will certainly be a record success.Imf,world band and other credible statiscal authorities have lent credence to this.
    Finally what do we gain in joining Shaka who is a known apostle of hopelessness and reactionary force to bring down a government whose only crime is winning an election that was free and fair and fighting corruption that has kept Nigeria in the backwaters of modern development.
    Shaka’s political family ruled Nigeria like drunken sailors for sixteen years.

    • remm ieet

      Thank you

    • Don Franco

      Dear Bukola Ajisola,
      The problem is that every negative thing you believe about Shaka Momodu is what you believe about yourself, because you’re in the minutest of minority to suggest that Shaka Momodu isn’t clued up about the citadel of disaster and disappointment that is the APC government. Why do you think that every public intellectual that supported PMB initially has abandoned him in droves; from Oluhemse to Segun Adeniyi, to Wole Soyinka, Pat Utomi, Charles Soludo and even your very own “sagacious” Simon Kolawole?. I’m sure you saw that Shaka quoted copiously from reputable magazines like the Economist; l looked in vain in your comment for any sign that we’re on the way to recovery. …Nothing!
      Here is an abridged synopsis of our present economic reality, in the past 20 months; why your optimism about any recovery in the near future is a pie in the sky:
      1) Most macroeconomic variables has worsened significantly with Inflation at 19%; Exchange Rate at =N=455, today; Unemployment 14 %; GDP Growth -1.56%.
      2) Market Capitalization of the NSE from =N=11.6 trillion to =N=8.65 trillion, or $54 billion to $18.6 billion.
      3) Business Confidence is still low at -29; Competitive Index remains low at 3.39 points, and finally;
      4) We’re ranked 124th in the world in the ease of doing business.
      I’m sure all of this is Shaka Momodu’s fault! Your apology to him should be in order.
      The first step to solutioneering a problem is to acknowledge and accept that the APC will be the death of this country; especially as Osinbajo isn’t allowed to continue proffering answers. A stich in time saves nine is my advice to you. Tell truth to power, please.

      • Daniel Obior

        Very well delivered.

      • Olugbemiga Omole

        You definitely don’t believe that the evils of yesterday got us to where we are today. You and Shaka and others that share this ‘hate’ mindset of the current government are too fixated to know that. Whilst, GEJ government lasted he was re enacting an Abacha style of mindless looting which you, Shaka and some others here are too happy to gloss over!!. But while the exchange rate was stable all through the Abacha years, later reports revealed the large scale looting of our commonwealth. SLS was shouting himself hoarse about the malfeasance in government but what was the response by GEJ? Has the chicken not come home to roost now?? I believe all is fair in war games hence Shaka may only be doing his masters doing with his various write ups but come to think of it we are allowed to have our say by the constitution. I also believe that the populace will sieve the truth from all the posts both online and traditional news media and guage it with what they have seen of what government is doing or not doing in their lives. This is why the next elections may be very decisive even for this current government. The yearnings of Nigerians is for a government that meaningfully impacted their lives! The various writings have only awakened the youths in particular to their civic responsibilities and such the power to make a positive impact is through their votes! I’d rather Shaka wrote more about the consciousness of the voting populace than the continuous verbiage against PMB. Though no government is perfect, but I think our roles should be to bring alternative suggestions to perceived government lapses. You may not be acknowledged but you should be comforted that you have made your voice heard. Remember, elections have since ended and the victor sworn in. The only thing we can do as Nigerians is to back up this government and not portray ourselves as being disunited. Am not sure GEJ had as much vitriol poured on his government when he came in to office. The FT and The Economist publications Shaka referred to are in no way out to polish our interests as Nigeria they write fairly favourably for those countries whose interests rhyme with theirs. Unless the government is paying them for image laundering! Perhaps this write up may be a disguised call for those in government to look their way. These are my 2kobo thoughts.

        • Don Franco

          Dear Mr. Omole
          Your 2 Kobo worth is worth more than 2 million, but pray, tell, why didn’t you address any of the facts that Shaka pointed out in his op-ed? Do you believe for a moment that if the economic miasma unleashed by the APC against the Nigerian people isn’t as devastating as accurately portrayed by both the Financial Times and the Economist, these reputable magazines would say it is so? When they castigated GEJ for being clueless and corrupt; you and your kind cheered endlessly, until PMB tanked the economy in less than 12 months. Maybe coming from the FT and the Economist, the APC will listen; seeing as all the economits in this country has shouted themselves hoarse to no avail.
          Shaka isn’t the person portraying us as being united, it is the xenophobic prejudice and ethnic based political appointments of PMB that deepened our differences and widened our divide. Nigeria was never as disunited as we are now, due to the APC and their policies.
          I look forward to the day that APC supporters will address our economic ills without reminding us that it was the PDP who got us here. Why are they in government in the first place?
          Please count how many commentators agree and disagree with all of Shaka’s write-up in the past 20 months to get an idea of how the generality of Nigerians, including the young people you referred to feel about how the APC has ruined this country.

          • kato

            Apt reply Don,APC paid e rats trying to claw back on straws but to no avail.We know them,they don’t need to raise their ugly heads to spoil this shaka quinine.Don’t mind them,shaka and fayoshe are prophets of our times,nothing they’ve said that has not come to pass.By the way,we thought shaka was kidnapped with this long lay off,thank God you are back.I stopped reading the back pages because some one has been advertising his forth coming book as a way of curing his hunger imposed on us by the nearndethal relic to borrow a word from Jon west

          • Don Franco

            Thank you, Kato Kalian! What never ceases to amaze me is how these guys will never respond to specific statistical evidence about how the APC has ruined Nigeria beyond any repair in the short-term. …

  • gohen

    Shaka were have you been, well while you were away, the journalist from hell namely: Simon, Dele Momudo and others of the afonja genre have been trying to sell all manners of lies to Nigerians.
    However for 2019, I will not be surprised if a Carmel wins the elections, because it is only in Nigeria a demented and retard ostriched necked certificate forging brukutu sipping and kola chewing individual can become the President…, Fear north !.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    While Shaka has made valid points about the missteps of the PMB government, he fails to offer solutions.

    Also, Shaka fails to accept the fact that people did not vote Buhari in, but voted GEJ out. An orangutan could have been on the APC ticket and would have defeated GEJ. This speaks more to how GEJ and PDP miruled this country, and Shaka over the years in his utterances has stylishly ignored this fact.

    • 51O

      So Nigeria came to being with PDP regime from 1999? What were we before then?

  • Adesuwa

    Excellent piece, as usual.

  • Mystic mallam

    Please keep writing Shaka Momodu, it is you and Akin Osuntokun and a dwindling number of others writers like you, that keep hope alive on the fading Nigeria project. You can;t afford to take a break as the sychophantic praise singers seeking crumbs from the master’s table are crowding out genuine pressmen and women. We appreciate your sense of facts and honest analysis.Thank you.

  • RumuPHC

    Even if all you stated were to be the truth , would you rather wish we continued with the GEJ and Dame Patience with the crew of Diezani, Dasuki, Badeh , Amosun and Ezeoba?

    Or do you prefer Yakubu , Obanikoro , Akpobolokemi , Tompolo including all the heads of MDAs that have refunded billions to the treasury?

    Govs James Ibori and Uduaghan of your state earned more than 1000% of what Sam Ogbemudia got as revenue for Midwest State……

    We voted for PMB to halt the incompetency , corruption and sheer criminality of the most despicable band of characters that ever ruled Nigeria. We are glad we won!

    CHANGE is a process and w look forward to another change in 2019. Please join us.

    • James Edward

      You are as stupid as it gets. 400 years ago people like you would have been shipped to the Americas as slaves. You are a slave and your thinking says so.

      • RumuPHC

        Very interesting perspective.

        Unfortunately we are not discussing slave trade here.

        The question we posed is whether we should keep a fraudulent administration in power today even if we know not the full character of tomorrow’s government?

        What says you, sir!

  • “Korede

    Mr Shaka Mohammed, you are part of the problem of this country. You will the truth and turn away from it.

    “or will he have the nerve to blame Buhari for making a bad situation worse several times more like Charles Soludo has pointed out?”