Mary Ekah
With the ever-growing demand to make cities more relaxed and greener, architects are looking for solutions to create beautiful buildings and environments. Also, architects are looking for ways in which buildings would be designed and equipped with spaces where people can meet and relax in a more natural environment and one way to achieve green spaces is often with raised floors or balconies, terraces, water features and fountains on rooftops and other places of interest.

With this in mind, Buzon Pedestal International, Germany, manufacturers of the award-winning Buzon screw-jack pedestal system and a highly successful provider of solutions in the field of rooftop gardens in collaboration with WMN, a integrated business solutions provided, is opening up new design and structural possibilities in roof gardens in Nigeria particularly and around the world. Founded since 1987, Buzon’s presence in Nigeria, is offering the possibilities to create even larger terrace areas without any design disrupting features such as valleys, or ridges, grating, drainage system or access panels.

Speaking during a presentation in Lagos to intimate stakeholders on the new innovation in Nigeria, the Chief Executive Officer, WNM, Mr. Akin Akinola said, “Today we are taking the opportunity of having one of our partners, Buzon Pedestal International from Germany, the original manufacturer of screw-jack Pedestals for construction of raised floors, water features and terraces. They are in the country to organise awareness section for the unique products, which are simply called Pedestals. These products are used in the construction industry for landscaping and sort of beautification of outer territories, walkways and living areas. The most important and the biggest buildings in the world have used this same product. It is a requirement in a lot of rooftops and open territory areas of construction and they have in the last 30 years been perfecting the design and the technology of which they have created this product and that is what we are trying to introduce into the Nigerian Market space.”

Throwing more light on the why the event was held, Akinola noted, “As we do as a business, when we find something of interest and we are able to bring it into the country, the next thing is create awareness for it and that is the essence of today’s event. And we have invited stakeholders from the relevant space, hoping that at the end of today, we would get result as we have gotten in the past by way of the architects becoming more interested in the use of Buzon Pedestals.”

Sales, Export and Marketing Manager, Buzon, 49-year-old Laurent Buzon explained further that the occasion was to explain to architects why, how and when to use Buzon screw-jack pedestals system. “We have been around for 30 years now and we have sold our products to over 40 countries of the world and I am pleased to be here with our new partner in Nigeria, to explain to the architects the many advantages they can derive from using our screw-jack pedestals. These include cost effective, good drainage systems especially during raining season, and our products are also suitable for different landscape areas,” he said.

He stressed further that the benefit of using Buzon products cannot be overemphasised as it would increase the value of the buildings, create very nice landscape area, save energy, give more drainage and accessibility for people to go for maintenance on the job site.
“And already I have seen the new planned project for Eko Atlantic, and when I saw all of those pictures from the architects who want to design this new city, I could see that a lot of structure will be done along the sea where they would need a lot of good decking that would require good and quality products like Buzon screw-jack pedestals.”

“When access is required for maintenance or repair, it is simply a matter of taking up a paver or two from the floor so that work can be carried out below. The sections are then dropped back into place with minimal disruption. Similarly, any pavers that become dirty or damaged can easily be swapped out. Indeed the whole surface can be changed it required,” Buzon noted.

He said that the installation of raised floor system overcomes obstruction of any form where the areas are utilised for pedestrian or vehicle traffic and other substrates, adding, “Raised floors generally utilise pedestals supporting concrete, granite r ceramic pavers or wooden tiles, timber decking and industrial grating so services are easily accommodated underneath.”