Emma Okonji examines the impact of interactive board devices in enhancing learning and on businesses in today’s technological evolution

Before now, teaching and learning in schools as well as business communities, were without interactive board devices. But the introduction of the learning device in the 21st century has not only enhanced teaching and learning in schools, but it has also redefined business growth and development for those that have adopted the technology.

All over the world, consumers are constantly on the lookout for information on products and services that will enhance their lifestyles. Beside print media, boards and videos have proven to be key methods of sending messages and advertisements from brands to their target audiences, owing to the fact that consumers now want a more interactive platform to experience their favourite products.

It is against this backdrop that LG Electronics and Fouani Nigeria Limited, recently introduced a wide range of LG OLED TVs ( 55”, 65” and 77” ) and the 84 – inch LG Interactive board for consumer experience.

The introduction of this precise multi-touch experience interactive board by LG Electronics/ Fouani Nigeria Limited would, no doubt, redefine how businesses are transacted and also add value to visual optimisation of content display in both lecture rooms and corporate board rooms. With these innovations from the electronics giants LG, life can only get better.

Introducing LG interactive board

The Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and industry in collaboration with Fouani Nigeria Limited and LG Electronics recently hosted the business community to a Business Networking Cocktail in Ikoyi, Lagos, with the theme: “Let’s’ Talk the Nigerian Business Environment”, to critically X-ray the business environment in Nigeria. The event attracted dignitaries including the Consul General of French Consulate Mr. Laurent Polonceaux and other key players from both French and Nigerian business community.

In his keynote address, Poloneaux said: “The hope and expectation reported by the World Bank that the Nigerian economy will get out of recession in the year 2017 is quite encouraging. And said the French government would keep investing in Nigeria economy.”
His remark generated a lot of positive response and optimism among participants who did not hide their feelings that the country’s economy would definitely bounce back soon.

The Managing Director of Fouani Group, Mr. Mohamed Fouani, while speaking at the event also lent his voice to the optimism as expressed by other speakers about the vast potential and business opportunities that abounds in Nigeria. He urged foreign investors to take advantage of this opportunity.

During the event LG Electronics and Fouani Nigeria Limited used the opportunity to introduce to the business community its latest innovative products, the LG OLED TVs ( 55”, 65” and 77” ) and the 84 – inch LG Interactive board for them to experience the unique features of these products, particularly the Interactive board. The interactive board comes in 84” large screen with an ultra HD picture quality that attracts attention in any given environment, such as lecture room or board rooms. Its superior interactivity provided by its IR spread technology is a very effective tool for facilitating audiences’ participation.
The 84TR3B model Interactive board with its 4K up-scaling and super resolution technology enhances the quality of the FHD content.

The benefits

The benefits of the interactive board are quite enormous with effective cost management, reducing power consumption by remotely controlling it. Also there is little or no interruption during a presentation of real time event with the aid of a monitor and control display through network or serial connection remotely with SuperSign C for both display and media player. There is no doubt with the introduction of the interactive board teaching and learning would become more lively and enjoyable by all, thereby making the process of assimilation faster and easier

Also on display at the event was the LG OLED TV EG9700 with its breathtaking features, which left many of the guests present speechless. The EG9700 is designed with deep pitch black and best looking colors in terms of brilliance, depth saturation and contrast. OLED technology can no longer be referred to as belonging to the future it has come to stay with us much earlier than expected. Every pixel is organically lit with an electrode so there no issue backlight interference. Beyond the quality that LG Electronics products are known for it has perfected the art of combining style and technology in its designs which has left consumers longing for more.

Interactive board as learning tool

Apart from enhancing business relations and growth, interactive boards are commonly used in schools to enhance teaching and learning. Although it comes with different specifications, some come loaded with school curriculum and students can take note and are able to retrieve notes on lessons that were thought several months back. Designers of electronic board for schools said the device has helped in enhancing teaching and learning in schools and that more schools continue to adopt the device.