Managing Director of Business Connexion, an ICT services company, Mr. Ayo Adegboye

Emma Okonji

BCX, a multinational company providing business support services to a wide range of customers within and outside Nigeria, and which recently got a new brand identity after it was acquired by Telkom South Africa, has restated its commitment to raise the level of customer satisfaction among its expanded client base.

The Managing Director of the rebrand BCX, Mr. Ayo Adegboye, during the official announcement of the emergence of BCX after the acquisition commented: “Today is about fresh starts. Today is about launching a new brand under which we can all unite. It has been a demanding time for us all. Bringing together two different businesses, into a single entity, is like bringing together two huge families. And if your family gatherings are anything like mine, the bringing together is usually fun and exciting, but also not without tension and some drama.”

Speaking on the challenges that erupted while merger and acquisition talks were going on that culminated to the emergence of BCX, Adegboye said: “Much time, thought, debate and effort went into developing our new and collective brand. We were clear. We wanted a fresh, professional and identifiable new brand, but also one that would not take us too far from our roots. As we embark on our various journeys of independence, where the Telkom brand will become one that is entirely owned by the consumer division, I am confident we have met and surpassed all our requirements.”

Giving the history and emergence of BCX, through slide illustration, Adegboye said the late twin brother Benjamin and Isaac co-founded an entrepreneurial business in 1996, and that little start-up has become this new and amazing BCX. And I can confidently say that never in our wildest dreams would they have imagined this.

“It’s now 21 years later and we have grown into Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner. Ben and Isaac had big dreams – but honestly – not even in their most confident moments did they think it could be this successful,” Adegboye said.