Time walks behind the man that treads slowly, like a submissive ox – doing his bidding and obliging him his heartfelt dreams. This incontestable reality further substantiates François Rabelais, late French humanist and satirist’s postulation which emphasizes thus: “He that has patience may compass anything.” Rabelais simply avers that the best things come to those who wait. Indeed, this stream of thought manifests truly in the live of Chief Nuel Emmanuel Ojei.

Interestingly, Nuel Ojei Holdings’ founder made a lot of money through government patronage, supplying hundreds of automobiles to establishments, formations and parastatals. In the 80s, he was a regular face in the corridors of power and many of those who wielded unchallenged influence were his men. The father of six children, who was born in 1951, with a beautiful home in Hampstead, North London, valued at £10 million, where a stretch Rolls Royce is parked, unbeknown to a lot of people, worked with the Ibru clan at Rutam Motors in 1973 before he began his solo journey as a businessman. He worked there for years.

It could be recalled that news of Ojei’s debilitating ailment hit the social space some years back like an unconquerable ogre. The story caused panic within Nigeria’s socio-economic space. However, in a radical twist of fate, Ojei has chanced on his much sought panacea and as you read, he doing wonderfully well. Hope has revisited that life of the man whose generosity a legion of people tirelessly attest to. And in a rare manifestation of heaven’s graciousness on him, since his resuscitation, his business has been experiencing unprecedented growth.

It is often said that every hero becomes a bore at last. But his imperial majesty, Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, seems set to dispel the dark notion of futility. The paramount monarch of Ile Ife kingdom unlike the proverbial hero that may eventually become a bore, continues to gain ascent in the estimation of even his most virulent critics, courtesy his unimaginable exploits.

While Nigerians at home and in Diaspora savour the depth of his compassion for the indigent and progressive efforts at fostering growth and unity among Nigerians at home and abroad, Ooni Adeyeye adds a remarkable feather to his crown of honour. Very soon, he will host a massive gathering of corporate personalities in London, United Kingdom in March. A UK-based organisation, Babatunde Loye Foundation, reputable for its laudable initiatives on business opportunities and human development, is putting up the corporate and awards dinner and the Ooni has been enlisted as the special host for the day.

Speaking through a video broadcast made for the occasion, the prominent monarch expressed his interest and readiness for the event, and emphasised the importance of such occasion in promoting business opportunities in Nigeria and in raising the living condition of the entire black race. “I’m reaching out to Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora that cut across the entire United Kingdom and the entire black race as a whole for a corporate dinner that is going to be part of my visit to the United Kingdom for business and investment opportunities in Nigeria, and for the entire Africa as a whole under the auspices of Babatunde Loye Foundation for us to join hands together to chart a positive course in order to better the living condition of the black race and in particular our dear country Nigeria”, said the Ooni.

Also talking on the forthcoming gathering, the executive director of Babatunde Loye Foundation who is also the chairman of Central Association of Nigerians (CANUK) in the UK, Babatunde Loye, said that the foundation’s determination to have Ooni was most thoughtful given the traditional ruler’s influence in the corporate world before his ascension to the throne and the respect he presently commands which cuts across different strata of the society. The event will be held at the exquisite JW Marriot Hotel, West London and will have in attendance captains of industry, accomplished entrepreneurs and top diplomats including the Nigeria Acting High Commissioner to the UK, Simon Ogah.

Conceit is the finest armour the rich can wear. Like the proverbial fault of the vainglorious, it is also a bane to compassion, a hindrance to humaneness among men. Little wonder the Nigerian ruling class do not betray a hint of care or consideration for the citizenry they are supposed to serve. Vanity and lavish spending beclouds their judgment, hence their insensitivity to the plight of the people.

To those who think celebration of vainness and extravagance only begins and ends with the movers and shakers at the National Assembly dome in Abuja; here is a newsbreak: even their wives are complicit. As Just recently, House Representative Members’ Wives Association, gathered last Wednesday for a three-day retreat at Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, discussing ‘politics’ and other societal matters. But the objective of the programme, according to an insider, is simple: to reap bountifully from the current dispensation and also to learn how to ‘assist’ their husbands on the job. According to a source in Abuja, the super wives were lodged in a highbrow hotel for 3 days.

Indeed, the desperation of Nigeria’s high society and aristocracy has attained such a shameful height that some women and their ilk on the other side now go about flaunting business cards bearing such titles as “Wives of Honourable Member” “Wives of Senator” “Friends of the I.G.,” “Friends of the Vice-President,” “Friends of the Senate President,” “Friends of the President,” and even “Friends of the wives of Governor” to mention a few.

For those whose fathers are great, the dilemma is all the same; they live under pressure and the daunting shadow of their fathers’ attainments. Eventually, very few among them manage to best their fathers’ attainments thus they are perpetually considered inferior shades of their fathers. But Segun Adebutu cuts a contradictory picture to such dour portraiture. The son of Chief Kessington Adebutu, knew what he must do to survive quite early in life; and that includes trying to be like his father. Segun is one astute industrialist who exhibits mastery of the business world with the variety of portfolios in his kitty.

Lately, tongues have been wagging in political circles about his likely ambition to take a shot at a political office in no distant future, but Segun does not seem ready for political campaigns any time soon as being speculated. Top on the agenda of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Petrolex Oil & Gas is the herculean task of delivering one of Africa’s largest refineries and Nigeria’s biggest petroleum products depot. This massive mission presently forms the fulcrum of Segun’s activities since he, alongside his partners, signed the deal with the Ogun State government last October.

Details about this project are sketchy and may be kept to Segun’s chest; findings show that the volume of works going on at the Ibefun site of the project suggests nothing short of a modern petro-chemical city, which would not only give immediate employment to over 2000 people upon completion but also send a signal of seismic proportion to the Nigeria’s downstream sector and African business community in general.

With 300-million litre capacity tank farm in Ibefun, Ogun State, this ambitious project is a testament to the fact that tough but good times lie ahead for a man who has been hitting the right business chords in recent years. A philanthropist of note, his Oladiran Olusegun Adebutu, OOA Foundation has been executing phased intervention programmes aimed at supporting hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria with access to quality education, primary healthcare, nutrition as well as social and economic welfare.