Omolabake Fasogbon

With recent hike in fire outbreak in the country, most of which have been traced to electrical anomalies, experts have sought for strict enforcement of the National Electric Code (NEC), in or all electrical works at their different stages.

The expert also tasked the Federal Government, especially now that it looks to rebrand the fire service for efficiency, to devote time and resources to increase the awareness level on proactive cautions through knowledge and skills development which are essential to guard against all mistakes leading to fire disaster.

According to Vice President, NFPAWA, Roland Ngong, most electrical works in the country whether at the design, installation and inspection stage do not follow laid down standards and principles while a lot of people still engage the service of uncertified and incompetent electricians to their own detriment.

“Like the forthcoming conference and training put together by NFPAWA, it will be addressing safety in the electrical sector with a focus on the standards and benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, inspection and maintenance. The training will be coming up this May at Oriental Hotels in Lagos,” she added.

“The NEC is the number one selling standard produced by the National Fire Protection Association and the accepted benchmark for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection to protect people and property from electrical hazard.”
“There are often compelling reasons to exceed NEC requirement, however, there is almost never a good reason to fall below them. Unfortunately, in Nigeria situation, there is little or no respect for the provision in this code when constructing whether commercial, residential, and industrial occupancies,” she lamented.

Reacting to the data from Nigeria Consumer Product Safety Commission which proved that between 2011 and 2014, 950 lives were lost while 2,400 people got injured from construction site fires traced to electrical source, Ngong noted that this figure was not encouraging for international visitors and investors who have interest in Nigeria, adding that it was high time to get it all right in the construction industry, as far as electrical fixing is concerned beginning from the design phase.