Building Dream Homes for Nigerians in Diaspora


Godbless Eduviere
As part of its mission to provide shelter to average citizens, contribute to nation building and economic values, a 360° property development, construction and acquisition company in Nigeria, Shadop International Properties, is uniquely providing total solution to all real estate needs of various clients both home and abroad at affordable cost.

The company is a subsidiary of Eliel Group of Companies, which operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Dubai and U.S., amongst others, providing services and consultation. Its years of integrity and trust in building services has attracted Nigerians in diaspora to invest in the country and many Nigerians abroad are now owning properties at home while in other countries through Shadop International Properties Limited.

The Group Managing Director/CEO, Eliel Group of Companies, Mrs. Damilola Adefemi, revealed that it’s part of the company’s duty to help clients determine fair values for properties to be sold or purchased to ensure proper values for money spent. She said, “since we realised the importance of investing at home from any part of the world especially acquisition of landed properties and development, Shadop International Properties, a specialist in building houses for Nigerians in Diaspora has helped many of them to think home and their families with the country benefiting from such investment.

We take up the full responsibility from land acquisition in viable areas or specific locations required by our clients and we provide the necessary designs and government building approvals and subsequently develop the properties according to cash flow pattern and financial ability of the clients, ensuring that our services are absolutely affordable and cheaper than other options.

We are adding substantial economic value to Nigeria in terms of shelter by successfully building houses in various parts of Nigeria for all Nigerians in diaspora who at one point or the other had been frustrated and defrauded by friends and relatives in the course of trying to build houses on their behalf. These funds are coming from overseas into the Nigerian real estate sector of the economy and providing employment for Nigerians and generating sales to improve the country’s GDP.”