Broos Backs Lions in Bonus Row


Cameroon coach Hugo Broos has insisted that the bonus offer to his players is disrespectful ahead of their Africa Cup of Nations semi-final.
“As a group, we are not happy with the bonus. There is a lack of respect, and I defend my players,” Broos said.
“Even though we are not happy with the money, we are still putting in good performances on the field.”
There is a history of disputes between the players and the Cameroon Football Federation over money.
In 2011 Cameroon players refused to play in an international friendly and in 2014 their arrival at the World Cup in Brazil was delayed by a dispute over bonus payments.
Broos, however, insists the players are not financially driven, but they want only to be respected.
“Don’t think we are asking for the world, but what they give us now is not good, really,” he said.
“We have trained every day. I read in the papers that the players did not train but I had given them a free day so it is not because they are not happy with the money.
“And even though we are not happy, we still have good performances on the field. This is very important it shows that the players are not here for the money, they are here to play for their country, for the supporters and for themselves.
“But afterwards, you can be given a present if you win a game or get to the next stage. We don’t come here for money. But if they give you money you have to feel the amount is respectful.”
Cameroon last won the Nations Cup in 2002 and lifting the trophy would be a huge return to form.
Broos is adamant their off-the-field concerns will not derail them.
“You can be sure that you will see a team that is motivated to beat Ghana,” he said.
“It is not only since Tuesday that we are not happy with the bonus, it is since the beginning of the tournament. And you have never seen on the field that the players are not happy.
“This team is not playing for money. I see them every day in training, when they are eating and when they are together, they are not talking about money.
“If we lose it will not be because the money is not good, it will be because Ghana was stronger than us.”