Budding Artiste, Ajiboye, Brings ‘Assurance’ to Nigerians


Mary Ekah
Up-and-coming but highly gifted gospel artiste, Ayodele Ajiboye, recently launched his third album titled, ‘Assurance’, which he said was particularly inspired by God to encourage Christians and Nigerians as whole at this particular point in time.

During a press briefing attended by artiste’s father, Remi Ajiboye and a few leaders of the Yaba Baptist Church, Yaba, Lagos which included, Deacon Abiodun Ajiboye; the Church Secretary, Deacon Sola Ibikunle and Idowu Sanya, a visual artist, the artiste revealed that ‘Assurance’ is his third album.

“I have done several albums, the first album I did is titled, ‘In His Presence’, it was done five yeas ago while my second album produced two years ago is titled, ‘Thanksgiving’, Thanksgiving was borne out of the fact that I felt I should thank God more and also give Him the glory back for His goodness in my life and my household.” And now the third album, ‘Assurance’, is a confirmation that God is stand sure no matter the situation we may find ourselves presently in the nation and the world over,” he said.

Explaining what informed the title, ‘Assurance’, he said, “I noticed that because of the recession in the nation, people are panicking and running helter-shelter and not really knowing what to do and are not even sure of what is going to happen to them in the next moment, and so God gave me the word, ‘Assurance’, suggesting that all will be well and that what brought about the album and its title.

The album, which comes with six tracks, is basically meant to give assurance to the people especially at this particular time in the life of the nation, that all will be well no matter what happens presently.
The tracks therefore are carefully titled to suit the overall theme for the album, and these include: ‘Assurance’, ‘A Mo Pe Wa’, ‘I know He Rescue My Soul’, ‘Ire Lo Ju Mi Ma Ri’, ‘E Tobi’.

Ajiboye, who claimed to have started music right from his childhood, has been in the field professionally for over 15 years. Brought up in Christian home with a father who is also a known musician and a member of the renowned gospel music group in Nigeria called, Christian Brothers Band, Ajiboye who apparently must have been inspired by his father to go into music said, “Growing up was rough. My background was rough with a lot of challenges but God saw me through.” Ajiboye who has got the full backing of the Yaba Baptist Church, Yaba, Lagos on his musical career, was born into the church and has been very instrumental in the church since he became of age.

He is described as someone that has been very selfless in serving the church and serving God. Having grown up in the choir, he has become a very formidable member of the church’s choir. He leads the praise worship team and also plays a number of the musical instrument at the church. In fact, Ajiboye is a strong pillar in music ministry of the church.

While he is of the view that a gospel artiste has no limitations when it comes to singing, he however describes his kind of music as more of traditional like highlife, juju, apala, and rock n roll adding, “A gospel artiste can decide to do anything. He can choose to sing hip-hop or any other genre of music in as much as you are good in what you do.” He claims his songs are mostly inspired through dreams while at other times, he gets inspired by his environment. “In my dreams songs suddenly come and when I wake, I develop them immediately,” Ajiboye revealed.