Ten years After, Fractures Returns to Lagos


Stories by Yinka Olatunbosun

The Aboriginal Theatre has announced that this weekend, at the Agip Hall, MUSON Centre, Lagos will experience four performances of Fractures, an African adaptation of Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge. The play, which is directed by Kenneth Uphopho, features seasoned actors such as Tunji Sotimirin, Patrick Diabuah, Funmi Eko Ezeh, Ropo Ewenla, Bola Haastrup, Gideon Okeke and Beverly Naya. At a recent briefing in Lagos, the production company revealed that the play which had its first performance ten years ago will address socio-economic issues such as immigration, identity, cultural fidelity.

The producer of the play, Okhai Akhigbe explained that the play is both entertaining and relevant especially with the cultural values embedded in the plot. The story centres on the plight of immigrants in a host country as well as parental care-gone-too-far. The CEO, Aboriginal Theatre, Nike Taylor, scores the play high on its treatment of African family dynamics.

“The challenges the family faced turned them into something else,’’ she said with an effort at arousing curiosity in theatre-goers. On the choice of the play, Ropo Ewenla remarked that the play is a reflection of the global discourse on socio-political structures. “There is a delicious dialogue going on in the world and art cannot be left behind. Artists that want to be in touch with their reality should not be boxed in their territory. The story has moved from being an American play to become more globalised,’’ he said. Arthur Miller is regarded as the father of modern tragedy for his use of common man in place of nobles who experience tragic fall as a result of a tragic flaw.