Fifi Ejindu’s Still Networking


In the thinking of some,  the last Christmas holiday  was nothing more than an opportunity  to go on a wining and dining spree.  But this was not so for high-flying  businesswoman, Princess Fifi Ejindu. For her,  the period,  among other  things,  offered her a golden opportunity   to attend to her numerous businesses all over the world.

Spyglass  gathered that the cultured princess  left the shores of this country in company with her family a few days to the Christmas for some Board meetings with her partners in many countries  across the world.

The Cross River State- born woman evokes a lot of images in the minds of her fans: success, wealth, ambition, power, philanthropy and fellow-feeling, among others.

She is usually driven by an abiding quest to change the lives of her compatriots for the better. She pursues her far-flung businesses with uncommon transparency.

Though she is  a renowned  architect, her business empire  goes beyond architecture, as she has invested heavily in other sectors of economy.

The ever-smiling businesswoman established Starcrest Group in 1995, comprising a number of companies dealing in real estate, oil and gas and building construction.