Adeboye Gives Hope of Better Life at Prison


Mary Ekah
The General Overseer Worldwide of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, on December 28, 2016, paid a visit to the Kirikiri Maximum Prisons, as part of the Kirikiri Maximum Prison end-of-year service and medical outreach by the church. At the prison where the cleric conducted a short service with inmates as well as officials of the prison, he assured everyone present, most especially inmates who have been sentenced to death, that whatever dream they have regardless of the circumstances they have found themselves, would come to pass.

“I am brining this message to assure somebody here that He is a faithful God, that He is not asleep. He’s on His throne and He is watching everything that is going on. He asked me to assure whoever that person is, that according to Ecclesiastics 7:8 “better is the end of a thing than the beginning…” What you are now and where you are now is not the end of your journey,” the cleric said during his message at the prison’s cathedral.

Speaking further, he said, “As young man, Joseph had two great dreams and each dream suggested that he was born to be great. The only mistake he made was that he told his relatives about his dreams and that was where the problem started,” adding, “ I still don’t know who God has sent me to today, but that person is in this hall.”

Time was given to some of the inmates and ex-convict to testify on the wonders of God in their lives. Some who have spent decades in the prison testified of how they were miraculously freed recently after they were sentenced to death by hanging. While some other inmates testified of how they have been favoured even while in prison just because they had the anointing from Adeboye, whose trademark is to visit the prisons every two years.

A youth pastor of the RCCG, Akolade Arowolo, who has been sentenced since 2014, to die by hanging for the murder of his wife, Titilayo and has since remained in the Kirikiri Maximum Prison also testify of how God had redeemed him even when had been condemned to die, expressing the hope that someday he would be freed by the grace of God.

“The word of God has made me free, even though I am still here. But I believe very strongly that someday I would be a free man,” Arowolo said, adding, “I was sentenced to death in February 2014 and literarily I was dying emotionally, spiritually and otherwise. Then December 21, 2014, Daddy GO came for a visit to the Kirikiri Prisons. That visit for me, was Jesus coming for me.

And from the message of hope that the GO gave to us here and also from the privilege I had to meet with him, and he spoke with me and prayed for me – I did not just touch him on his garment, but I touched him – and from that point on, I got my life back. I remembered that he is a man of grace and he is my father and my pastor and that I could tap into the grace upon his life again. I said God, prove to me that you are God forever in this incident. Although I am on the death roll, let your mercy set me free. Although I am still here, every sickness I had in my body has gone and I believe God can do mightier things in my life,” he noted.

Several other requests were made to Adeboye who at the end promised that RCCG would continue to do more in the prison. “I want you to know that I have noted your request and I will do my very best to see that the requests are met. Before I came up here, I was talking with my son, your boss that I will definitely take up the case of those who are condemned to death with the highest authority in the nation. But you must pray along with me. I am here today because my heart is with you. I have come here today because I have special love for you, otherwise I would not be here considering the kind of busy schedule that I have these days. And whatever we can do to alleviate your pains, by God’s grace, we will do as quickly as possible,” Adeboye assured.