Supernatural Breakthroughs Beckon as Mgbidi 2017 Kicks off Today


Mary Ekah
All is set for the Lord The Lord Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries’ annual Holy Ghost inspired international three-day power packed programme tagged, ‘What God Has Determined Shall Be Done’, which kicks off today, Friday, January 6 and will run till Sunday, January 8 at the Chosen International Secondary School, Along Oguta Road, Mgbidi, Imo State by 8am daily. The programme, which is interdenominational, is designed to produce a spiritual rebirth that will usher the participants from all over the world into the New Year. This year’s edition, which is the 11th of its kind, designed to produce a spiritual backbone that will help all to overcome the challenges of spiritual, physical and financial recession that has bedeviled the entire nation.

The theme for this year, a release by the organisers stated is expected to produce solution to the mirage of national problems. “It is no longer in doubt that the world is going through its worst perilous time and this has given rise to despondency in the mind of the citizenry. Consequently the future has become so bleak that human efforts could no longer guarantee the general security of the people. Amidst the insecurity and depression that have pervaded the minds of the people, God inspired this theme to elicit the fact that the bases of our hope does not lie on our ability but on what God has predetermined. What happens to us is the determined recommendation of God being accomplished, because He alone knows the future, plans the future and accomplished it,” the statement noted.

It stated further that, “God knows the future because He plans what is going to be the future and performs what He plans. God has the rightful authority, wisdom and power to bring about everything that He intends. This year’s programme will help the participants to see in the sovereignty of God as our only hope for success in all our endearvour. God has decided through this programme to give man a rebirth by making him understand the future is only for Him to determine.

“We should recognise the fact that our lives are so troubled this time. People are losing their jobs, stocks are crashing, and natural disasters and uncertainties are everywhere. The threat of militants and religious fanatics is no longer a joke. In today’s economy, there is little to hope for the future. But God is not caught off-guarded; it is still whatever He determines that shall be done. In this programme, it does not matter the circumstances of your challenges or how long you have been in that situation or who is behind your predicaments, our assurance is that God has set aside the three days to prepare you for the year 2017 so that it shall be well with you. God Almighty will on that day in a dimension never witnessed before demonstrates His power to deliver people in all aspect of life. “

The programme will be presided over by the icon of revival evangelism Pastor Lazarus Muoka and will witness salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, deliverances from spiritual limitations, demonic possession, barrenness of the womb, intellectual and financial barrenness to needs for physical challenges such as paralyses of all kinds, diseases, sicknesses, economics and political. As the Pastor leads the people to God and directs them to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour, the supernatural anointing that accompanies his messages will break every yoke of the enemies that gave rise to their need. It is expected to attract an unprecedented crowd going by what was witnessed in the last event.