DHI Launches Health Services


Ikenna Bede

Health specialists convened for the launch of the Diaspora Health Insurance (DHI) Health Service recently at the conference room of the Protea Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.

DHI Health service will play the crucial role of bridging the gap between Nigerians in the diaspora and their relations at home through a platform for easy remittance and receipt of funds proposed towards healthcare. This method effectively erases all forms of difficulties that might be faced in the arduous process of money transfer in times of emergency.

In its course to provide quality healthcare in Nigeria, DHI focuses on improving healthcare in emerging markets around the world; providing information and access on reputable healthcare insurance companies and health service providers within Nigeria to clients in the diaspora; and ensuring the effective enrollment of beneficiaries into these healthcare insurance companies.

Gracing the launch was Commissioner of Health for Lagos state, Jide Idris who was impressed by the level of stimulation toward healthcare maintenance. He passed a vote of confidence commending the DHI team on its initiative and its availability and accessibility in Lagos:

“Accessibility to affordable healthcare is something the government cannot do alone and that’s why we embrace health insurance initiative; the more reason behind the imminent launch of the mandatory National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in Lagos.”

Partnering with Ecobank, DHI projects to provide a seamless money transfer experience owing to the global presence and ubiquitous online platform of Ecobank, in effect, enhancing product offerings to DHI clients.
Further speaking on the partnership with Ecobank and expressing her confidence in the union, DHI Health Service Manager, Susan Ekuri said:

“Ecobank has a wide reach in terms of clients in the diaspora. In partnering with them, Ecobank ensures that safe channel when channeling diaspora remittances.”