Blissful Matrimony! Delta Governor, Okowa, and Wife, Edith, Celebrate 30th Wedding Anniversary Amidst Pomp and Circumstance


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The Delta State Government House listed to their grace, like a vessel tilting to the splendorous splash of the Atlantic. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and his wife, Edith, celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary some days ago. The couple’s wedding anniversary was no doubt an exhibition of pageantry and class; the Okowas have a reputation for understatement but in honour of their blissful matrimony, they threw subtlety overboard. Both Ifeanyi and Edith, for the first time in their lives felt something different, extremely passionate, scary yet enjoyable. They basked and sojourned in the lush, blissful vales of each other’s passion and warmth. If friendship was rewarding for the duo, falling in love with each other was liberating. Ask Ifeanyi.

He will proudly tell you any day that loving Edith is invigorating. The passion and devotion he shares with her exposed him to priceless adventures in the meadows and everglades of love. In the highest boughs of their love, the world rustles like branches of a giant oak with roots extending far into infinity; but unlike several other couples whose passion and affection have caved or extinguished in the raging inferno of mid-life crises or love-gone-sour, they put up a gallant and admirable defense against life and fate’s worst trials. They contend with all the force of their lives and for one thing only, to fulfill their heartfelt dreams of actualising a never-ending story of insurmountable love, forged by them, according to their own laws.

While many a man subjects his wife to ignominy and scorn, Bimbo Ashiru knows that nothing, other than the love and virtue of his ravishing wife, Kemi, is more beautiful and worth treasuring. Thus every Boxing Day, December 26, to be precise, the Commissioner of Commerce and Industry in Ogun State, celebrates his wedding anniversary with his wife and soulmate, Kemi. The day also coincides as his birthday.

Bimbo and his ravishing wife surely understands the importance of celebrating the good times with verve and unparalleled class. With unusual fervour and matchless elegance, they enchanted the Magodo, summoning unprecedented glamour and depth to excite the Lagos’s exotic estate. The event was well attended by friends and associates of the Ashirus. As the A-list guests wined and dined and slipped into jolly moods, the Ashirus thrilled their palates and souls to the choicest of exotic meals, music and liquor.
They held court and provide ample space and materials for their distinguished guests to hobnob in a sumptuous royal gathering designed to rival the best of the filthy rich’s parties.

While the couple played host to a stream of family, friends, business and political associates, their posh residence pulsated with pomp and glamour. The elaborate event, which paraded top politicians, respected technocrats, society big wigs and captains of industry, saw the guests shuffle and nod to the liveliest and most delightful musical tunes. As the guests thrilled to delightful music, their hair stood on end and they tipped over in merriment – their joy spilling from their souls into the air and sky high into the blue firmament. It was a night to remember…Ask Pastor Tunde Bakare.

Predictably, as it is often the norm with people in high places, career sycophants and political parasites have begun to heap earned and unearned accolades on former governor, James Onanefe Ibori. Many have written poetry in his praise and published it as paid advertorial in foremost Nigerian newspapers as soon as he was released from the UK prison. According to Boris Pasternak, the Russian poet and novelist, “Who should remain alive and praised; who should stay dead without renown depends upon criteria that powerful sycophants lay down.”

Pasternak’s summation could never be more apt; among other truths, it emphasizes the desperation and astounding vanity of sycophants singing the praises of Ibori. However, the former governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who is a cousin of Ibori and who had also been anointed to the governorship by. Ibori, took to his Facebook account, describing Nigeria as a “complex” country, and warning in coded language that people must “understand and respect the sensibilities” of others. “For those going to London to see Chief James Ibori and posting pictures and making statements, please stop it,” the former governor warned. “We appreciate your love for him. But you can go quietly without the unnecessary publicity.” No matter what the world thinks, Ibori has done marvelously in the eyes of his people.