Ex-Niger  Gov.,  Mu’azu  Babangida  Aliyu’s Burden


 Politically,  the news making the rounds about  Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu,  the immediate past governor of Niger State,  is not so palatable.

Indeed,  if the information gleaned by Spy Glass is anything to go by,  the former governor may be said to be  struggling to regain his  relevance,  politically.

Typical of life and its stupefying wonders,  the seeming reversal of status contrasts  sharply with his larger-than  life image while Aliyu,  a former chairman of the Northern  Governors’ Forum held the reins of power in Niger State. Apart from his position as governor,  his big  frame, booming voice and fearsome mien could not be ignored .

 It will be recalled that the man who preferred to be addressed as the chief servant of the state once allegedly had a fight with former President Goodluck Jonathan,  a situation that caused a serious crack in the party  .

 He,  however, did not  realise until lately that he had been  swept off by the  wind of change. Also,  the sodangin Nupe didn’t only fail to install his preferred successor, Umaru Gado-Nasko, his senatorial ambition never saw the light of day, as he was humiliated by David Umaru of the All Progressives Congress, APC. What a humiliation!

It appears that the Talba Minna who used to control enormous power has now gone into what many described as  political oblivion barely two years after leaving office. But he is reportedly making spirited efforts to save his political career. It was recently reported that he held meetings with some of his  political allies towards regaining relevance in the coming years.