Shiite Leader Blames Politicians for Inciting People against Members


The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) popularly known as Shiite sect in Sokoto State,  Sheikh Qasimu Omar, yesterday blamed politicians for inciting  residents against their members, saying the group had no plans whatsoever to organise a procession or Joint African General Meeting in Sokoto state.

Speaking with journalists in his residence in Sokoto at the weekend, Umar said the Shiite sect was not planning to conduct procession in commemoration of the Maulud (birthday of prophet Mohammed) in the state. He described the wicked rumour as the antics of selfish politicians who were bent on creating disaffecting among the citizens of the state.

Umar lamented that unscrupulous  politicians were bent on inciting the people against the Shiite sect in order to achieve their sinister motives.

“We believe this is a plot by politicians to create disaffection in the polity and give license to people to attack and even kill our members.

“The Commissioner of Police visited me two weeks ago and I told him that we have no plan to organise any Joint African General Meeting in Sokoto and that we have the right as citizens to worship the way we want in line with our doctrine.

“They don’t have the right to stop us from conducting our worship. In fact, the Izalat sect conducted an African congress in Sokoto last month and nobody stopped them. “If they don’t want us to celebrate Maulud today let them say it.  Are we not Nigerians, don’t we have any right to worship the way we want. Why are they trying to stop us?,” Umar queried.

He called on the public to disregard the rumour, saying members of the sect would not embark on procession to commemorate the Eid-el-Maulud.