House Denies Contentious Sharia Bill


Damilola Oyedele in Abuja
The House of Representatives has said there is no bill before it seeking to establish Sharia law in Nigeria through an amendment to the constitution.

The House said the clarafication was in reaction to reports that a Sharia bill had passed through second reading on October 27, 2016 with allegations that no member raised an objection to it.

The spokesperson of the House, Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas, while briefing journalists yesterday, said there was a proposal seeking to amend the provisions of Sharia law in the constitution.

He said the amendment seeks to expand the powers of the Sharia courts in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to hear criminal cases. It was referred to the constitutional review committee in May this year.

Namdas said the committee would refer the proposal back to the House if it is found worthy after its details are considered.

“The committee looks at all proposals sent to it, and the ones that survive are sent to the House for debate and deliberations,” he added.