Afe Babalola Commends His Doggedness


A senior lawyer, Chief Afe Babalola (SAN), has commented on the outcome of the US presidential poll, saying: “When the news filtered in early yesterday morning that Donald Trump of the Republican Party won over Hilary Clinton of Democratic Party, I was not surprised, rather, I was happy while many others felt disappointed.

“I was happy because not a single person in my household or any of my friends gave him a chance. The Nigerian media and many Nigerians, including Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, who threatened to tear his green card if Trump won, did not give him a chance. “The 18-month campaign this time around was very much unlike any other in the history of elections in America. What had just happened in the United States of America could be likened to the Referendum in the United Kingdom last year where the British had to decide whether they wanted to remain in the European Union (EU) or not.

“In spite of the fact that David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and his government wanted Britain to remain in EU, the fire of nationalism and patriotism burning in the generality of Britons made them to vote against continued stay in the EU. The thrust of Trump’s campaign was to make America great again that he disagrees with the nuclear treaty signed by United Nations (UN) on Syria that he will change America’s immigration policy to ensure that only those who have genuine business in America are allowed into America, which angered most non-whites.

“That he would address the situation whereby America funds the UN so heavily and yet has become a toothless bull dog, a voiceless entity because some people enjoy the power of Veto. That he would raise the living standard of workers.

“In all, the unexpected victory is as a result of Trump’s appeal to nationalism and patriotism and I congratulate him for his courage, doggedness and audacity to take on the drug barons, illegal immigrants and minorities even when some of his Party Leaders developed cold feet and vowed not to campaign for him,” he said.