Victim Identifies Two Fraudsters, Alerts Police


Chiemelie Ezeobi

A day after he was robbed by the duo of Emmanuel Anyanwu and Kennedy Ujagbor at Cele Bus stop, their victim, one Sammy Bolaji, was luckily able to track them to a drinking joint before he alerted the police to arrest them.

Having identified them, the operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command arrested the two-man robbery gang, who specialises in defrauding unsuspecting members of public around Cele Bus Stop, along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway of Lagos.

The suspects, 39-year-old Anyanwu, an ex – convict and 42-year-old Ujagbor, 42, a drug addict, when confronted by the police admitted to the said offence.

Anyanwu, in his confession, said, “We are swindlers. We are always on the street looking for people to defraud. Yesterday, we met this guy. Our plan was to play him and it didn’t seem to work out, so we snatched his bag and ran away. His bag is in Ketu.

“Normally, what we do is tell our victim that we are foreigners with a huge consignment of mobile phones and stationery. We would now pretend that we were in search of marketers with enough money to buy the goods.

“In the process, we persuade our victims to show interest in buying the goods by dangling before them an irresistible offer.

“If they show interest, we tell them to demonstrate their seriousness with a commitment by depositing their phones, money or jewellery. That is how we con them.”

Their victim, Bolaji, who was on his way to Ogun State when he was stopped by the duo said, “They asked me if I knew a particular address and I told them that I was a stranger in that area.