Writer Unveils Maiden Novel ‘After They Left’


Peter Uzoho

A Jos-born Kaduna State female lawyer and writer has unveiled her maiden novel titled ‘After They Left’. Speaking on the side line of the reading session organised for the unveiling of the book last weekend in Lagos, the Author, Edify Yakusak, said the book centred around the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east. Yakusak explained that the essence of the book was to create more awareness to both the people and the government so as to find solution to crisis.

“It’s a fiction centred around the crisis happening in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. I wrote the book to create more awareness and make both the people and the government know more about the crisis so as to find ways to solve it,” Yakusak said. “They title of the book came about when I looked at these people that attacked (the Boko Haram) during the crisis and what they left behind. When they came and attacked and they left, what did they leave behind? They left behind sorrow and pain and hardship? Some of the survivors of these attacks would have no fathers, no mothers.

People would lose their children and everything. They would become homeless, hopeless and helpless. They would find themselves in the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDP) camps. Even in the camps, they would face another round of pains occasioned by injustice, oppression and inhuman treatments,” Yakusak noted.The book is structured in 10 chapters and 244 pages and sold for N2000.