‘Golf is Life for Me’


Godbless Eduviere

Apart from being a trained legal practitioner vast in mass advocacy, a politician and strong stakeholder of Delta State politics, an inspirational and motivational speaker with poetic ways of expression, the advocate of justice, truth and gender qualities, Mary Oyibocha-Agbajoh is also a vibrant golfer with unique styles, which also singled her out from among her peers.

Scion of a sport loving family, she discovered golf in early part of her life when fate connected her and lady friend Dupe John who told her that she see an independence nature in her, and that she need a place where she can define her space and live life without anybody judging because of her smart and determine qualities. At this, she waded into murky waters of Nigeria Golf Association and has been fortunate to play with all strata of people ranging from politicians to business moguls, which naturally earned her loads of trophies in her years in the golf course.

As it’s every golfers joy to play a new course, Oyibocha-Agbajoh also travels to other countries like England to play with other Nigerians every 1st of October just for the pleasure.

In a chat with THISDAY, she disclosed that she loves being occupied qualitatively and golf makes it possible because it takes her mind away from the troubles of Life but in a very stylish fashion way as well. “The golf course happens to be the only place where I find my being. The Serenity, tranquility and beauty of the fairways transcends beyond just golf but a place of peace and bliss within my own space. My swings and cautious efforts to follow through, makes the strict adherence of “Eyes On The Ball” more mysterious.