Abdulmumini:I Collected N650m in Five Years


Damilola Oyedele in Abuja

The sacked Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, Hon. Jibrin Abdulmumini has disclosed that he has recieved the sum of N650 million as running costs since he joined the National Assembly in 2011.

In a statement issued yesterday, Abdulmumini however noted that he has kept records of how he spent the money.
The embattled lawmaker had on Friday alleged that Dogara and the nine principal officers of the House have received N10billion as ‘running costs’ since they joined the House in various assemblies.

According to Abdulmumini, the allowances, which he termed running costs, are collected by many members and used as personal funds.

“No more, no less – case closed! Most of these members use it to acquire properties, cars and live a life of luxury they never lived before coming to the House. Though there exist systems for retirement of such money but a simple investigation by a primary school pupil will reveal the massive fraud therein,” he had said in Friday’s statement.

But in yesterday’s statement, the lawmaker said he had not been comfortable with the N650 million he collected. “However, I have never been comfortable with the money! Thank God the wasteful allowances regime has reached its Waterloo! The country and House will be better off,” he said.