IDL Refreshes Farm Fresh Milk


Integrated Dairies Limited, makers of Farm Fresh Yoghurt have launched a new package for the brand.

The new package according to the company complements the quality of the content and also gives the brand a look that can make it compete on the global stage. It was further stated that the objective of the new pack of the milk, which was said to is rich with nutrients, like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 & B12 and C among others, was to offer greater value for Nigerians at affordable prices

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, Managing Director of the company, Sheyin Roy Shekarri said the new package was in reaction to marketers’ complaint that the previous package berates the quality of the product.
He explained that the company “had over the past 14 years, changed packing once. Though we have been able to get what can be compared to an international product, we never got it right with the package.

“We kept getting complaints from the market that the packaging doesn’t complement quality of the product. It took us some time to work on it and finally we have come out with a packaging that can stand out anywhere.”
Speaking on the uniqueness of the brand and the benefits of the new package, Shekarri said the product is purely made of natural milk and the new package gives it an additional 3 days shelf life, adding that the product combines the major criteria of genuine yoghurt.

His words: “For yoghurt to be yoghurt, it has to be alive. But what is mostly obtained in Nigeria is thetrapack packaging; UHT yoghurt (Ultra High Temperature). Anything you produce under this condition has nothing living inside; everything has been killed. And that is not yoghurt because it is not life. We don’t make use of UHT. We keep it under four degrees from point of manufacturing to the outlets.

“Another factor that differentiates our product is that it doesn’t include any preservatives. The new packaging extends our products shelf life from the previous 18 days to 21 days. And it is 100% natural.”
He also disclosed that the company operate on 550 acres of land in Jos, Plateau State, with 600 cattle from which they get the milk to produce yoghurt. And the company also cover the whole value chain of the production process.