Can Jimi Agbaje Apply a Break?


Notes for File

Jimi Agbaje is one fine politician and patriot you can’t but love. He is one politician, who has had considerable following among the young, upwardly mobile people. I still can’t place his new bid to contest the National Chairman position of the PDP with Chief Olabode George. For me, it is not decent. It is morally offensive. There should still be some decency and honour in politics.

There is no reason why JK should struggle to contest the position with Bode George no matter, who is pushing him to do so. This is Bode George who broke all the rules to make JK the PDP gubernatorial candidate in Lagos against the formidable political machine of Obanikoro (Musiliu).

He made sure JK emerged the candidate of his party as a new comer and he deployed all the support. I am not a fan of Bode George but one should think one good turn deserves another. Why do politicians easily turn against their benefactors? Why do people easily forget yesterday’s good deeds? Even among thieves, there should be honour. If I were JK, I will step down for Bode George. That is what honour is about.
-Culled from Ajayi Temitope Carter’s Facebook page

Stemming from Carter’s take on the PDP national chair, it still beats the discerning how the stakeholders in the PDP cannot see the danger lurking in the corner for them with Jimi Agbaje’s candidacy. If their present experience with Ali Modu Sheriff has taught them nothing, it therefore shows how and why they woefully lost power to a non-starter APC after 16 years in power.

Here is an Agbaje, whose disposition shows does not believe in the PDP for what it is. He did not even join the party until it was clear to him that the APC would not hand him the governorship ticket and this is after several denials that he was moving to the party, including an exclusive report by THISDAY on it.

Not a kobo of his personal money was invested in his governorship aspiration. His election, from the primary to the general election, was funded by the former President Goodluck Jonathan, coming across as no less an opportunist. He has moved from AC, to DPA, CPC, Labour and PDP, all in the pursuit of different ambitions.

How do you trust such a man with an office as huge as the national chair of the PDP? Sheriff would be a child’s play by the time the nemesis of their choice catches up with them. If the governors, who are said to be rooting for Agbaje are doing this because they are looking for who to control, then, they should wait for the Agbaje they did not know.

Ultimately, the decision is theirs and they might have been caught in the web of two unfavourable choices like Nigerians were in the 2015 general election, the onus is still on them to properly analyse their choices and settle for the best, at least. Otherwise, their enemies will gladly watch them run from one court to another as they struggle to save themselves from their indiscretion and lack of wisdom.