Inspired by the controversy surrounding the early narratives of Lagos, the 500-cast movie, EKO: Blessings of Olofin is set for premiere in Lagos on Saturday, August 20. Steeped in cultural ethos, the 90-minute movie features Yemi Blaq in the lead role as Olofin alongside Bukky Wright, Jide Kosoko, Adeleye Adesile amongst others. The movie screening is part of the activities marking the celebration of Lagos@50.

Subtitled in English, French and German, casting for the movie was stra
tegically thought out by the director, Femi Ade Eketunde, popularly known as Femi Bright.
“You have to pick the right person to get the right result,’’ he said. “The consideration for Olofin was deliberate. It is someone who is not featured often in Yoruba movies but he is a very popular actor, someone with an imposing character who is gentle, good-looking.
So, Yemi Blaq came to mind. Actors like Yemi Blaq don’t come easy. We have to break the bank to pay him. A lot of people will be surprised to see him speak in Yoruba.”

Asides from documenting the history of Lagos in reel format, the director hopes that the movie will propel Yoruba indigenes to embrace the use of their indigenous language which is an essential part of culture.

“If we are not careful, in fifty years’ time, our languages would have gone extinct. My friends have accused me that my children do not speak Yoruba. When I observed it, I began to pay attention to it. They don’t use the right intonation when they speak Yoruba. I started to reward them when they speak it correctly,’’ said the director.