‘Anti-Corruption War will Succeed Only When Things are Working Normally’


By Sumaina Kasim

An art exhibitor, Dada Kehinde, has said that the ongoing anti-graft war being executed by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration can only be successful if it’s complemented by the provision of basic amenities for the populace.

Kehinde stated, “If water is coming, if electricity is intact, if everything is working, it would be hard for people to think about corruption.”

He gave this opinion at an art exhibition event, titled: ‘AKED 2016, Solo Visual ART Exhibition on Anti-Corruption’ held recently in Abuja.

The artist, whose art works show the fight against corruption by Buhari’s government has served in various capacities in different art organisations and is also a member of Society of Nigerian Artists (SNAFCT), caught everyone attention at the event.

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