Emir Of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Celebrates 55


At 55, the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, is every inch a gracious champ. Like most champs, he makes a good first impression. As he clocks 55, his story pulsates with a pleasurable lore of labour, perseverance, re-invention and accomplishment. It projects the fate of a man immune to the proverbial fatal weakness of character oft derided by conservatives as carefree folk’s Achilles heel. Lamido, the former CBN governor, personifies a classic success story of the man who grew to be titan under the heavy weight of daunting odds, along the torturous path to acclaim.

Lamido clocked 55 some days ago. His candid cadences, touch with just the faintest whiff of reticence, amplifying his graceful modesty and ability to navigate the tricky slopes of toil, acclaim and humane ethics – whether in the cutthroat world of commerce or social politics, he meanders the fiddly inclines with the grace of a saint. He was born into the Fulani Torodbe clan of Kano on 31 July 1961. He was crowned 8 June, 2014 as the Emir of Kano, succeeding his late grand uncle, Dr. Ado Bayero.

However, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is no superman after all. Like the average man next door, he loves a rosy cheek; he admires coral lips, and lusts for the spark of star-like eyes. He is just human! He has blood running in his veins too. Behind the steely, plain-speaking demeanour that has become identifiable with him, he is soft inside. There are women who make his heart flutter and palpitate uncontrollably with passion. He is married to Rakiya Sanusi, Maryam Sanusi, Sadiya Ado Bayero and Sa’adatu Barkindo-Musdafa.

The Fascinating Story of Mike Oghiadomhe
It is fashionable to be scarce if you are significant enough to be missed. But when you are forced to live in despair and endure the plague of insolvency, without hope of some immediate succour, then disappearing from the scene may be the next best alternative for you, particularly if you were once part of high society. It is uncertain whether Mike Oghiadomhe’s current disappearance from the socio-political scene is attributable to the import of the preceding reason, but hardly anyone would dispute the fact that the former Chief of Staff (CoS) to President Goodluck Jonathan may have run into hard times.

You couldn’t have forgotten so soon how he was booted out of office. Mike suffered what many would call a very rude awakening to the utter fleetingness of political perks and splendour. Predictably, he cried blue murder and his supporters wailed like starving werewolves but their heartfelt protests were hushed and smothered in the raucous din of the powers that be. Until his hard luck, Mike was said to be former President Jonathan’s ally, a friendship that dates back to when both were deputy governors in their respective states. Most people’s opinion of Mike was discouraging, except a certain governor from the South-south, Jonathan’s home zone.

In his 50s and with looks that good money and good living have helped to further burnish, you may call him an Adonis or a dandy for his drop-dead dress sense and expensive taste in designer apparels especially Saville Row suits.

Jennifer’s Cross Or Broken Dreams…
• Will Peter Salah Marry Jennifer Obayuwana?
Ornament is often the deceptive shore to a most dangerous sea; the beauteous scarf that imbues a timeless troll with the silhouette of an oriental beauty. When applied to love, it becomes the seeming truth, which the cunning adorns to entrap the wisest of men or women. But Jennifer Obayuwana does not know this. Hence the daughter of Polo Luxury CEO, John Obayuwana, has given her heart to a man widely believed to be too clever for comfort.

Jennifer’s recent announcement of her engagement to Peter Salah, CEO of Tilt Group, generates a whirlpool of feelings even as you read. But while her enthusiastic display of a dazzling ring has left many awe-struck and sincerely happy for her, more people have offered her congratulatory messages tongue-in-cheek. And the reason is not far-fetched. It is believed that Jennifer’s beau, Salah, does not love her as much as she believes he does. It is believed in cynical circles that his engagement to Jennifer is a calculated attempt at consolidating his wealth and not really because he is truly in love with her. But the aspiring bride has ignored the naysayers and their negative insinuations.

She would rather savour her blossoming relationship with Salah. It was hardly surprising therefore, that she proudly showed off Salah during her recent birthday party. Pictures of the couple flooded the social media, depicting the duo as inseparable. Jennifer went as far as posting a photo of how her man woke her up to wash her legs with a bottle of champagne on her special day before he treated her to the best of romantic indulgences and display of unparalleled affection.

But despite the widely held belief that Salah would walk her down the aisle and make a decent woman of her in a grand wedding ceremony in November last year, the couple could not consolidate their union in wedlock thus eliciting spurious speculations of goings-on between them and the recent trajectory of their love.

Cynical minds and marketers of mischief are undoubtedly having a ball analysing why Jennifer’s dream of getting married to Salah suffered a stillbirth. Let’s hope Salah would put mischief makers to shame and marry Jennifer while her heart still skips for him.

Ekua Abudu Gets Her Groove Back
• Channels passion into school following failed marriage
Eventually, even the fiercest storm abates in life’s tempestuous gulf. Hence it is hardly surprising that malicious rumours about Ekua Abudu have finally dissipated from the social arena. Ekua is no longer the butt of mean jokes and juicy gossips as her marriage has been let off the hook of controversy. And like the proverbial rampart in the thick of storms, Ekua Abudu’s faith in God provided her a worthy solace in those trying times. The fact that her marriage to Wale Abudu hit the rocks due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ is no longer a hot button issue. Ekua has moved on with her life and is currently savouring the success her career yields.

Having suffered a raw deal by wedlock, the founder of Greenwood House School, a private nursery and primary school in Lagos, has focused her attention on her educational project and business venture. Even though she failed woefully at marriage, she has distinguished herself as a force to reckon with in the world of education and industry.

Kayode fayemi’s wife, bisi, goes into ‘gele’ business
Many a man or woman who had won and tasted power or had it imposed upon him or her, with much understatement, find it extremely difficult to adjust to life without power. Stripped of the accoutrements and delightful frills of office, they wander about donning masks of moral fiber and nurturing behind their masks, an appalling and impregnable conceit of themselves. They find it even more cumbersome to relate with ordinary folks they had known before they came by power.

Ultimately, they choose to live lives of quiet displeasure if they no longer have access to the corridors of power. Caught amid ordinariness, if they do not blow their own trumpets, it is because they feel you are not fit to listen to the performance. However, Erelu Bisi fayemi, former First lady of Ekiti State, is remarkably different from such characters. Since she left office with her husband, Kayode Fayemi, Bisi is now into private businesses. She now runs ‘Gele outfit called Skente.

According to her “I have been doing Skente Gele for more than a year now. I have always liked Gele and people keep calling me “Erelu Skente” and it was like, why don’t I start something along this line called “Skente Gele?” It has been launched already and women have been rocking it to events. We are having a proper launch soon.” A very nice and decent woman, she maintained a life of pleasant decorum and sociability while in office and even outside the corridors of power. Beneficiaries of her friendliness testify that when she was the first lady, she honoured all invitations to events and high-octane parties.