Tracy and Treasure Daniels: We are Women of Substance, We Stand Up for Each Other


As twins, they are making double impacts on Nollywood. So far, they have worked with Patience Ozokwo, Tony Umez, Francis Duru, Rita Edochie, Bishop Ime Umoh, Frank Artus and others. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, they talk about their career, new movie and more

Getting to know us

We are Onyi and Amaka, the Nollywood twin actors popularly known as Tracy and Treasure Daniels. We joined the movie industry far back in our secondary school days, but officially registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria in 2002.

Challenges not unique to the movie industry

Challenges are same for women trying to carve a niche for herself in any career. However, one of our unique challenges was the reluctance of our colleagues to take us seriously, because of the fact that we joined the industry as young adults. Everyone saw us growing into the women we are now and we finally got over that.

Our major breakthrough in Nollywood

I would say our break through was when we did Divine Twins in 2006; that’s the name people still call us till date. It stayed on Africa Magic popular demand list every other week for a very long time; the sequel to it, Beloved Twins was recently released and it’s doing well too.

What has set us apart as twin actresses

It may appear easy for people to believe that what distinguishes us in the movie industry is simply that we are identical twins, but that’s not so true because there are several other twins out there in the industry. It may not appear obvious but our patience, integrity, tenacity and perseverance set us apart in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Our new movie

I must confess, because, I know we are creative, I won’t deny that fact, but the creativity we had put out through our movie, Unknown Caller, beats us till now. I can’t explain how we came about such idea. It’s divine and most people who had seen the movie in the cinema attest to that. It’s beyond the borders of the regular Nollywood movies.

Choice of characters

In general, we have been in more than fifty movies, individually and collectively, and out of that figure, I will mention five that were our brain child and our production. Divine Twins, which featured Patience Ozokwo, Bruno Iwuoha, Geraldine Ekeocha (God rest her soul). Then, Love and Cash, which featured Tony Umez, Francis Duru, Rita Edochi. Beloved Twins is a sequel to Divine Twins. Fashion Police featured Bishop Ime Umoh, known as Okon, Frank Artus and Mather Ankoma from Ghana, Denrele Edun, Karen Igho, Ruth Kadiri, Prince Malumi, T.T Temple, Maureen Okpoko, etc. And now, “Unknown Caller,” the block buster. It is suspense-filled; if you don’t go and watch the movie, you can never unravel anything about it.

About our other works

We have worked with almost all the high profile actors who know their onions, and they all have so much respect for us, both cast and crew.

Where we see our career

In five years, we would have successfully merged Hollywood with Nollywood both as directors, producers, actors, distributors and investors. We are high profile actors, reputable public figures, movie investors and producers, distributors, prolific writers, role models and business owners. We might not own an airline business for now but hopefully soon, but we currently run a hair salon in Oniru and we are employing many creative young Nigerians. We take pride in Twins Saloon, Oniru, Lagos.

Recounting success

We are women of substance, entrepreneurs and lovers of God, but that doesn’t mean in any way that if you cross us, we will just say God bless you; we stand up for each other. We are compassionate like Christ, and all who have had dealings with us in the past can attest to that, but if you take our good heart for granted, we can flog with whip like Jesus at the temple too.

Mentors and inspiration

Our mentors include our mum and dad, Reverend and Evangelist Mrs. Felicia and Daniel Nwokike Idenyi, the best parents anyone can have, and the mentor to so many others that are not from their loins; so, we are privileged. Other role models are Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Mitchel Obama both successful career women, holding their home together; it’s not common and we admire that so much.