Nigeria Needs Restructuring, Says Jembewon


Yekini Jimoh in Lokoja

A former Minister of Police Affairs, Gen David Jemibewon (rtd),  has said Nigeria needs restructuring because it is a continuous thing.

Speaking with journalists yon Tuesday at his country home at Ayetoro-Gbede in Kogi State, the former military governor noted that a nation that is even very peaceful and developed still requires restructuring in one form of the other to even make the country more progressive, comfortable, peaceful, united and beautiful to live.

According to him, “the restructuring people are talking about, there is no nation in the whole world that does not required restructuring.”

He made it clear that if the government decided to debate or ask for contribution for this restructuring, he was ready to offer his advise.

He stressed that restructuring was a continuous exercise in every government and as such he see nothing bad when people said Nigeria need restructuring.

“I have my sympathy for the President, Muhammadu Bahari, the man has been harassed by people to implement the outcome of the National Conference held by the past administration.

“Governance is a continuous process but a decision that was not well documented. When a new leader comes, it will be difficult for him to take any decision, it should go to the National Assembly for debate,” he said.
Jemibewon also lamented that the development in the country had shown that the purposes of creating states had been defeated, adding that states that could not meet their obligations should be scrapped.

He said: “My own view is that if we went for state creation and the reason was that we want to bring government nearer to the people we want even development, we should ask ourselves, have we witnessed development in the real sense of.

“We started with three regions, later to four, then clamour for state creation, we first had 12 and now 36 states, are we really making the progress we ought to have made. My position may be radical, but it must be said some states should be scrapped, states that can pay salary should be dissolved.

“The problem is where we started from, instead of the union joining the state, the state joined the union, so even if there is a state that doesn’t want to be in Nigeria, there is no way that it can opt out.”