Hijab: Court Ruling Affirmation of Constitution, Says Sultan of Sokoto


By Hammed   Shittu in Ilorin

Sultan of Sokoto and President General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Muhammad Saad Abubakar on Friday disclosed that the recent ruling of the Court of Appeal in Lagos that  granted freedom for female Muslims in primary and secondary schools to wear the hijab, was the affirmation of what was in the constitution of the country

Alhaji Abubakar stated this in Ilorin, Kwara State capital while speaking with journalists on the state of the nation.

He said that the ruling didn’t grant any favour to the Muslim Ummah. He however tasked Muslims across the country to remain steadfast concerning forthcoming legal issues on the same matter.

The Sultan said, “Muslims are not forcing any one to use the hijab; the only condition I would advocate action by Muslims against anyone or nation is if such individual or nation attempts to stop adherents from practising their faith”.

According to him, “We are not forcing anybody to use hijab but whoever wants to use hijab must be allowed to use hijab.

“You are not doing a favour to us by allowing the Constitution or maintaining the constitution of this country but I think it is important to commend the tenacity and process of the Muslims Students Society (MSS)  because that shows that we Muslims are very patient, and we are very law abiding. We await outcomes of cases in court and whatever.

“That is what we expect to happen. We must never take laws into our hand. We must be law officers. We do not do that in Islam. It is a very big lesson to all of us. When we waited Almighty Allah came to our rescue and he gave us what we have been praying for and that is success.

“Let us keep on praying to Almighty Allah on issues affecting us in this country. Let us remain very firm and very steadfast. Let us show love to a non-Muslims and bring them close to us and tell them what Islam is and what Islam is not”.

“We call on our leaders to do right to all manners of people in this our great country for us to move forward.  Whoever wants to fight you, do not fight him, leave him alone. Be very patient.

“The only thing that will make me to act or ask you to act is only if somebody or a group or some other nations decided to stop us from performing our religious obligations. That is the only way we can fight somebody.

“But if I am allowed to pursue my religious obligations, say my prayers and pay my zakat and so many other things, I have no problem with anybody.

“To you, your religion and to me my religion.  Please continue to live in peace and continue to observe your Islamic tenets, do not take laws into your hands. There are courts in this country and we believe courts will give us justice whenever we take such matters to them because we believe we are on the right path.

“But do not expect the courts to give you justice when you are on the wrong path, I will not even ask you to go to court when you are on the wrong path.”