Right Group Seeks Justice on Alleged Case of Sexual Assault of NAF Recruit


Ugo Aliogo
The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) has called for justice to prevail over the alleged case of sexual assault and purported dismissal of a recruit of the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) Miss. Igbobie Beauty Uzezi.

In a statement signed and issued by the National President of CDHR, Malachy Ugwummadu, the group alleged that Uzezi was raped by her former instructor, Flight Lieutenant B. S. Vibelko at the NAF Base in Kaduna.

The statement also noted that the complainant in the unfortunate incident became unconscious due to profuse bleeding and was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Ward 435Aero Medical Hospital, Kaduna by the same Vibelko and ACM Bello who believed that she was passing out.

Ugwummadu in the statement, added that the medical consultants of the Hospital, Dr. Balami and Sergent Ngajuwa who properly observed her, confirmed that she has been raped.

“It is a sad commentary on the entire military, no less the air force that you presently superintends that an instructor in whose care recruits are entrusted will turn around to devoured them in such violent manner,” he noted.

The statement explained that Uzezi was subjected to some psychological assault which affected her, therefore she applied for voluntary retirement from the force, but this infuriated her superior officers, the request was not granted and she was put through series of inhumane treatments, intimidation, imprisonments and consequently summarily dismissed from the force.

The statement further called for a thorough investigation into the alleged case of sexual assault with a view to court-marshaling Vibelko and his cohorts, while also calling for their arrest by the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).