Pwc Rated High in Global Mobility Programme


Once considered simply as an administrative function, businesses are increasingly using global mobility programmes as strategic differentiators, according to ALM Intelligence’s Global Mobility Consulting report of May 2016.

The report compared the global mobility consultants who are working with clients to navigate the complex logistical challenges of cross-border moves. It found that employers are using a ‘two for one’ approach when it comes to global mobility programmes – moving employees geographically to grow their businesses in key markets, while using these moves to develop talent through experiential learning.

The report rated PwC a Vanguard Leader for global mobility consultancy, naming it the leading provider of these services worldwide. It recognises that PwC provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to global mobility clients with particular focus on strategy and individual employee experience.

Senior Analyst and Lead for Benefits Consulting Research at ALM Intelligence, and author of the report, Matthew Merker, noted that PwC works with clients to not only grow the businesses globally, but also to use that growth to develop individuals, creating strong leadership with intricate understanding of geographic markets.

“PwC assists clients with understanding the diversity of markets and the complexities of navigating that diversity, from strategic planning to benefits to compliance and governance. It works with clients throughout both employee lifecycles and global mobility programme lifecycles, providing greater understanding of successes and failures in each and preparing strategies for continual improvement. Along with the network’s digital innovations for these endeavours, clients can rely on PwC as a one-stop shop for global mobility needs,” it added
Commenting on rating, PwC Nigeria’s human capital leader, Osere Alakhume said: “Global mobility is increasingly complex with organisations facing a widely different set of challenges based on where they want to engage in business. We are very proud to be recognised as the leading, global provider by ALM Intelligence.

“We are particularly pleased that we have been commended for our significant strength in helping clients set strategic goals, both at the corporate and individual levels, with an emphasis on the employee experience lifecycle, especially at a time when businesses contend with a more demanding workforce generation.”