In Fighting Corruption, is the EFCC Abusing its Powers?


Although the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is reported to have secured 140 convictions against accused persons in 6 months, there is no ex-governor or major personality among the convicts. Some analysts also believe the anti-corruption agency is lopsided in its prosecution, with no respect for rule of law. To you, is the EFCC abusing its powers in fighting corruption in Nigeria, or is it following due process in achieving the government’s desired goal?


* EFCC may be abusing its powers and may not. If one should consider how looters have looted the future of generations yet unborn, then one might likely support whatever means EFCC is using to prosecute corruption cases. The fact still remains that none of the looters follow due process before looting public funds.
– Mr. Akinwale Adeniyi, Abuja

* The EFCC is a commission to witch-hunt political and personal enemies. Such a commission does not have to follow the rule of law. That is why the fight for corruption has never been achieved. The EFCC should thoroughly investigate a matter before taking up such.
– Mr. Daji Sani, Yola, Adamawa State

* Most Nigerians are naturally corrupted and any money they lay their hands on, they see it as God’s gift to them. One wouldn’t be surprised if the EFCC is abusing its powers in fighting corruption, as that is why majority of the officials fight to be there.
– Hon. Babale Maiungwa, U/Romi, Kaduna

* Yes.
– Mr. Elue Chibututu, Lagos

* No, it is not. The reason you are having so much cries relating to the activities of the anti-graft commission is because it is now doing what it should have been doing from inception. Let the commission do its job, please.
– Mr. Segun James, Akute, Ogun State

* The EFCC today is not better than the Obasanjo era when they were his tools of victimisation. Corruption should be fought at all fronts, but it should be fought without sentiments. I will see EFCC truly fighting corruption the day they open investigations on how APC funded their last presidential campaign.
– Hon. Ayo Adekoya-Benson, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

* Our negative attitude towards EFCC is a veiled support for corruption; it is the depth of decadence in Nigeria that makes people to associate with a thief. EFCC should be empowered more so that people will be afraid to steal and Nigeria will prosper. All those shouting rule of law against EFCC are only protecting the status quo, tell the thieves to follow the rule of law and we will not need EFCC.
– Mr. Olukayode Akosile, Lagos State

* The new helmsman in EFCC is trying his best to clean the Aegean stable. However, the day they get any of the so-called big shorts is the day Nigerians will believe they are actually working. So long as they have not done this nobody will believe they are working.
– Prof. Kate Nwufo, mni, Abuja

* EFCC has abused its power beyond any imagination. Just because we are living in an era where people prefer sentiment to reason, nobody sees the evil this government is perpetuating through security and anti-graft agencies, which have refused to follow the rule of law. Only the future will tell.
– Mr. Sonny Okobi, Lagos

* The EFCC has no power of its own so it can be pushed around by the appointee of its leadership which is the president and that is exactly what is happening today. The simple thing is, the presidency is abusing the power of the anti-graft agency, in its determination to cripple the opposition.
– Mr. Okechukwu Ikonne, Ogbor Oke-Ovoro Mbaise, Imo State

* No, not at all. Whoever is suspected of corruption should be confident enough to give the genuine account of him or herself in the appropriate law courts. The onus is on such suspects to defend themselves or prove their innocence. Sanity must return to Nigeria urgently. We must all support PMB and truth at all times. God bless Nigeria.
– Miss Apeji Patience Eneyeme, Badagry, Lagos

* The EFCC, a grand idea when it was established is simply acting out the script of its paymasters! Nothing more, nothing less! However, we truly need a body such as the EFCC; only thing is it should be institutionalised so that even Mr. President can be truly probed.
– Mr. Iheanyi Chukwudi, BAR Associates, Apo Estate, Abuja

* Let other looters follow Metuh’s example and return stolen funds to avoid EFCC insult because such funds were meant for fighting insurgency. Corruption has given us a bad name internationally; let us support the president to reduce corruption in governance.
– Mr. Gordon Chika Nnorom, Public Commentator, Umukabia, Abia State

* It depends on the angle one looks at it from a corrupt or a clean person. Nigerians must take up the anti-corruption war at the grassroots level.
– Mr. Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, President, Change Makers Forum, Ogwashi-Ukwu, Delta State

* It’s abusing its powers. Blocking someone’s account when he is under the cover of immunity, is that due process? Immunity is of no use since it only favours cabals.
– Mr. Dogo Stephen, Kaduna

* Whatever language Nigerians are saying about corruption fighting is witch-hunt, one-sided, e.t.c. EFCC is doing well to recover our commonwealth from never-do-well leaders. Those who are condemning the activities of EFCC are enemies of Nigeria. If we don’t kill corruption in governance, let us forget about development.
– Mrs. Ijeoma Nnorom, Lagos

* The moral high-ground this administration once had to prosecute a clean fight against corruption has been completely eroded by the worst type of corruption possible, disregard for the provisions of the Constitution, especially Section 14(3) which talks about the composition of government or any of its agencies.
– Mr. Buga Dunj, Jos, Plateau State

* Although the EFCC is not immune from external influence, the agency is trying to fulfil the current administration’s pledge to fight corruption to a standstill. Ironically, those who stole and are being prosecuted now were the ones who first abused the powers conferred on them as public officials.
– Mr. Olumuyiwa Olorunsomo, Lagos State

* No, not yet. Even though they are high-handed to some extent, I think the variously corrupt criminals deserve EFCC’s bitter pills as no sinner must go unpunished. For a truly formidable Nigeria, the rule of law must be observed and applied. Much still has to be done by EFCC and co to save the citizens otherwise we may regret refusal to face truth.
– Ms. Saiki Ometere Tina, Gboko, Benue State

* EFCC is on top of their job and following due process in achieving government’s desired goal. Without the EFCC the country would have sunk due to corruption, to our chagrin. We must all support their patriotic efforts so far. Side talks must not distract them. All accused suspects must clear their names in the law courts as nobody is above the law.
– Mr. Apeji Onesi, Lagos


Yes, it is abusing its powers: 3
No, it is not: 6
Others: 11
Radical tip: Leave EFCC alone!
Total no of respondents: 20
Male: 16
Female: 4
Highest location: Lagos (7)

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