NPFL finds a new sponsor


It does appear that the League Management Company is about to announce a new sponsorship deal for the Nigerian Professional Football League with one of the nation’s leading brands. We are just days away and hopefully this leads to more Nigerian businesses joining in. With our economy in dire straits, now more than ever is when we must support our own. It is simple commonsense.

Supporting the NPFL creates much needed jobs and wealth in Nigeria. The more jobs and wealth there is, the better the businesses in this country perform. As simple as this business logic is, it is mindboggling how many of our business moguls do not get it. We pump our dwindling resources into promoting European football to Nigerians who have no jobs or are losing their jobs and have no fallback options. This only creates jobs overseas while our economy dies a slow death.  Backing the NPFL is investing in your own business. Hopefully more of our businesses get it.