Melon, Okra ,Others Suffer for Tomato Scarcity


The rate at which Nigerians now consume melon and okra soup is a direct result of tomato scarcity and its exorbitant price.

For most households the period of  tomato scarcity is an era of soup requiring less or no tomato as most families  now enjoy their  favourite solid with okro or melon soup, with many others settling for “concoction” rice in place of richly prepared jollof rice. For those whose meal can’t go without tomato vegetable, a tomato paste will suffice.

This trick is also applied in restaurant and even parties.

Market Place observed that parties organised this period depend on melon soup served with choice solid for guests entertainment.

According to Mrs. Ayodele, who recently organised a naming ceremony for her new born child, “it is unfortunate that things are expensive this period especially Tomatoes, I have no option, the eighth day must be revered and whether you like it or not, people will dine and wine. That is why I’ve decided to feed my guest with melon soup and prepared fried rice as alternative to jollof rice .

I can’t afford to prepare jollof rice this period and I’m sure my guest also understand.”

While many have traced the scarcity of the product to factors  including : diseases,  high cost of transportation and insecurity in Northern states, it is hoped that the situation will abate  soon and Nigerians can go back to enjoy their favourite delicacies.