Brazil-based Soccer Management Company to Organise Coaching Clinic


In a bid to enhance coaching content in Nigerian football, Michael Adjuya of the Three Golden Ventures Ltd., plans to run a week-long coaching clinic.

Adjuya, a Brazil-based Director of the company said his organisation had concluded arrangements for 30 coaches to participate in the event, scheduled to run from June 5 to June 11 in Lagos.

He told NAN via telephone from Sao Paulo, Brazil that the clinic would aim at exposing some select Nigerian coaches to advanced techniques in coaching.

“We have observed that the quality of coaching in Nigeria declined considerably, thence the need to improve and re-equip our coaches with latest theoretical and scientific approach to coaching.

“There are many things involved in this business, which many coaches in Nigeria ignore; that is why our coaches are performing poorly,’’ he said.

The director added that international certified coaches from Europe and South America had been contracted to handle the clinic.

He said the programme would avail the coaches, who could not afford the resources to travel abroad for coaching programmes to benefit from the clinic.

“We have taken cognisance of the fact that a lack of finance will not allow our coaches to travel abroad for coaching courses; this programme will help to reduce costs.

“They will receive certificates of attendance at the end of the event,’’ he said.