Don’t Allow Mediocres to Hijack Powers, Aspirant Tells Ekiti People


By Olakiitan Victor in Ado Ekiti

An Australian-based medical practitioner and All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant, Dr. Wole Oluyede,  has urged the Ekiti State people to stop those he described as mediocre from hijacking the seat of power in the 2018 governorship poll.

Oluyede said part of the reasons he decided to join the race is to bring back the old glory and the needed rebirth.

On the contentious zoning generating ripples in the state, Oluyede said though the agitation being mounted by politicians from the Ekiti South senatorial  district might not be in tandem with the constitution, reiterating  that the APC must comply because it has become an unwritten agreement in the politics of the state.

Oluyede, who spoke in Ikere Ekiti yesterday added that it was wrong for the home-based politicians to see the indigenes living abroad as aliens and threats not suitable to hold any political position in the state.

“I ‘m going to serve as rallying point to those living abroad so that they can bring  their wealth down here to develop the economy of the state.

“The time for Ekiti rebirth is now, because the state has been pillaged and needed to be reborn.

“There is a lot of work to be done to help us out of the wood. No commerce, no industry, education is down; all we have is celebration of poverty and idiocy all in the name of politics. I have invested over one billion naira in the hospitality and medical sectors in Nigeria in the last five years.

“So, I want to say that we are all Ekiti indigenes. Both home and abroad-based indigenes should join hands together to help our state by preventing mediocre from hijacking powers,” he said.

Oluyede appealed to the APC to listen to the agitation that power should move to the South, saying it will negate the principles of natural justice for the zone to be shut out of power while the other two district enjoy such privilege.

He described divisive politics as the bane of the country, particularly in the area of infrastructural development, saying: “All our leaders know how to do is to build infrastructure they cannot maintain. Instead of maintaining the ones on ground, they tend to build their own just because of what they will gain.

“That was why our schools hospitals , roads and industries have

all destroyed. We can’t maintain them, because there is no sustainability of policies. But we are in Ekiti State to stabilise the system and make poverty a  history in our land.”

The APC governorship aspirant begged members of his party to refrain from creating factions, being an opposition party and subject themselves to the supremacy of the party for it to bounce back to reckoning in the 2018 gubernatorial poll.